From the comments beneath the online ads we are running in 5 states, we can tell many Americans loath Senator Chuck Schumer, and while he may be able to gain reelection thanks to the machine politics robotic Democrat voters in New York, the rest of the nation hates him.

And our strategic campaign messages mixing his breaking of the Senate rules twice with his support for Amnesty are showing us we have the right message to change outcomes in the 2022 elections.

Our plan is to keep pushing on weak points in the Senate to stop Amnesty and then spread the image and record of Chuck Schumer across America to turn voters away from Democrat candidates in swing districts and states!

Today we need your help to expand our ad campaigns this coming week to include call campaigns to persuade Senators Manchin (D-WV) & Sinema (D-AZ) away from Schumer's breaches of the Senate rules to give Amnesty to illegals.

Hopefully, we can raise the funds today to launch these two new additional ads early this week.

Also, we need the funds to launch our fundraising letters to our prior donors into the US mail system which they announced would slow down to speeds similar to the early 1970s starting last week.

We are in the middle of the most intense and critical time trying to stop Amnesty 2021 and this is the time we need our supporters out there who respond to our mailers to swing into action to give our volunteers and donors needed reinforcements!

Help us raise the funds we need to pay for the printing and postage on our call for reinforcements letters today at...

If you would like to review, assist, comment on, or read the comments coming in from the states of New York, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and New Hampshire on our paid ad campaigns opposing Amnesty, please visit and join at...