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    Secure America's Ballots From Illegal Voters & Violence at the Polls

    ALIPAC: Secure America's Ballots

    Oct. 10, 2016

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC | | (866) 703-0864

    (Raleigh-NC) Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is sounding the alarm to protect America's voters and ballots from criminal attacks designed to violate the civil rights of Trump supporters through violent intimidation and illegal immigrants committing felony voter fraud in the 2016 general elections.

    ALIPAC is using peaceful political measures to try to deter violence and elections fraud by encouraging American voters to register fellow US citizens to vote and utilize early voting options to avoid the thuggery of the Democrats on and before Election Day. ALIPAC also plans to release more information about how conservative activists can document and expose the mass election fraud currently in motion.

    A steady stream of reports, pictures, and videos are coming in from across America showing Hillary Clinton supporters violently attacking Donald Trump supporters on numerous occasions. Having a Donald Trump sign or hat has led to US voters being attacked and chased by angry mobs, threatened with guns and being brutally beaten in the yards of their homes.

    At the same time, many nonprofit organizations, political party groups, and campaigns services companies are registering "immigrant" voters and new citizens as rapidly as possible knowing full well that America's defenses against illegal alien voters are virtually non-existent! Local, county, state and federal agencies do NOT verify the citizenship status of voter registrations.

    "Hillary Clinton should publicly denounce her supporter's using violence to intimidate and suppress Trump voters and Obama should order the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to launch immediate aggressive measures to stem these violent civil rights violations and stop illegal alien voters from casting ballots, but they won't because they are behind these criminal activities!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "On Election Day 2016 there is likely to be large scale voter fraud and violence at the polls because the groups and individuals responsible for these problems know that Democrat politicians are supporting, protecting, and facilitating their efforts to commit mass election fraud felonies and violent civil rights violations."

    To compensate for illegal alien voters detected many states, ALIPAC is circulating a chart (view) showing voter registration deadlines and voter registration instructions in the hopes disaffected American voters will rise to the occasion just like what happened with Brexit in England.

    To compensate for the anticipated violence at polling places on Nov 8 being directed at Trump supporters by Hillary Clinton supporters, ALIPAC is encouraging insurgent voters, especially elderly voters, to use the early voting options and vote in groups.

    William Gheen of ALIPAC was banned from Fox News after warning the nation about Democrats using illegal alien voters to stem the momentum of the Tea Party during his in-studio live appearance with Gretchen Carleson as the first guest on Fox on Election Day Nov 2, 2010.

    William's warning was later proven to be true as clear evidence emerged that large numbers of illegal alien voters were brought to the polls to save Harry Reid from conservative challenger Sharon Angle in Nevada. While Angle won every county in Nevada except for Clark County, the home of Las Vegas, Harry Reid won big in Las Vegas where illegal alien restaurant, hotel, and casino employees were ordered to the polls by their employers and unions!

    In November of 2012, Front Page magazine reported that Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Committee (FEC), the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office, and the Clark County Board of Elections. In their complaint, ALIPAC charges that numerous illegal immigrants and non-citizens are registering and voting in federal elections that will decide which presidential candidate or political party controls the White House and US Senate. The complaint follows a story written by Glenn Cook of the Las Vegas Journal Review (LVJR). In that story, Cook interviewed two illegal immigrants who said to him that they were voting illegally.

    Both the Federal Elections Commission and the Clark County Board of Elections failed to answer or respond to the written complaint in any way.

    ALIPAC is considering a new round of formal complaints this year with more aggressive amounts of documentation.

    For more information about illegal immigrant voter fraud, civil rights violations and elections violence, or to schedule interviews, please visit
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    A couple of simple tips to keep things going smoothly and according to law.

    Avoid the polls if you can Vote By Mail (VBM). I like to drop my VBM at the poll on the day of elections to avoid making it easier for poll watchers to manipulate the turnout or other more corrupt manipulations. I'm not going to do that this time. I'm going to mail it in early. Stay away from the polls if you can, keep the area clear.

    If you do go to the polls, remember that political displays ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!! No hats, no T-shirts, nothing suggesting, even remotely, anything like political advocacy.

    Don't loiter in or around the polls.

    If you are going to go to the polls, do your homework in advance. Know your precinct, have all the issues down cold for your area so that you spend as little time in the polls as possible. You can bring notes. That's not cheating. This is not a test. Even better, you can use the sample ballot that you get in the mail to make your decision at home and just copy what you've already decided on the actual ballot.

    DON'T BE AN IDIOT, DON"T WAIT FOR ELECTION DAY TO FIGURE OUT IF AND WHERE YOU ARE REGISTERED. The more demands you make on the poll workers the more it slows things down, the more people start to back up and the more likely provocateurs can manipulate a crowd or a situation with the poll workers. Some people like to make the voting area a kind of social event, since politics invariably color a social event, especially in a polling area, THIS IS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL TIMES. This is not a political display, but sometimes it is even worse.

    Behave yourself, be on your best behavior.

    Remember that in some parts of the world, going to the polls is dangerous, don't let that happen to US.
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