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Thread: Senate Adjourns: Manchin & MacDonough stop BBB Amnesty bill

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    Senate Adjourns: Manchin & MacDonough stop BBB Amnesty bill

    We are thankful to announce that the US Senate has finally adjourned for the year early Saturday morning, and Senators have left DC without passing Biden and Schumer's 'Build Back Better' Amnesty bill we have fought together tooth and nail!

    Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, who you lobbied extensively, stood with us against the bill.

    We want to thank each and every one of you who stood with us and took action to Stop Amnesty 2021 with It was a hard fight, and each of you who hung in there deserves a break and our heartfelt thanks.

    We have one more important press release about illegal alien voters that we've held back on we need to get out before Christmas with your help if you can.

    We also have some big bills coming due for our strategic advertising campaigns to help stop this Amnesty bill, so please consider a Christmas contribution of $10 or more to us if you are pleased with our work at...

    If you are pleased with ALIPAC's success in helping Stop Amnesty 2021, please donate via our secure page at...

    The ALIPAC Team
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    Bus ALL illegal aliens and UACs to Washington D.C.

    "The U.S. Constitution provides for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress; the district is therefore not a part of any U.S. state (nor is it one itself). "

    Protect our states and communities from this invasion.

    Governor Ron DeSantis needs to lead the charge.

    They can ALL wait in D.C. for their case to be heard, denied, and expelled back home!

    Congress REFUSES to stop this invasion, dump them on THEIR doorstep, not ours! States have rights.



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