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    Shaping the focus of our movement. Guiding the illegal immi

    Shaping the focus of our movement. Guiding the illegal immigration issue.

    Supporters of ALIPAC:

    Please read this e-mail with care.

    In 42 days, we will make history! We must make history if we are going to save our nation.

    While there are many other things going on such as protests, last minute legislation in Congress, boycotts, and border watch operations, we must now work together to make the main focus of ALIPAC and the main focus of the entire immigration enforcement movement the approaching elections.

    Border watches are admirable but will be of no use should we fail in the elections. The last minute dash by incumbents in Congress to try to save themselves from an angry public will not help us should we fail in the elections. The approaching elections must be made a top priority of all ALIPAC activists and we hope to lead by example for the rest of our movement.

    Today we begin our countdown. Today we initiate our plan!

    The keys to success in the 2006 elections will be a combination of information, time, and funds. We must structure our effort. The plan for action you will receive has been under development for the last two years.

    To begin our operations, we must structure something we have already been doing.

    ALIPAC has played a critical role in helping the illegal immigration issue to become a top national issue and a top issue in campaigns.

    Please help us this week with the following important tasks.

    Item 1:

    We need to make sure that the illegal immigration issue is present in every race across America. Where the issue is already present we need to increase visibility and have an impact on those messages.

    Step 1-A
    Please identify all districts and campaigns for Congress and US Senate in your state. If you have the time, you can expand your activism to include other races for state house and senate, county commission, Governor, and city council.
    You should collect the names of candidates, their party, their contact information and campaign websites. We have begun collecting this information in many areas and this may help you. To visit our info collection area, please visit the following link. ... ic&t=20716

    Step 1-B

    Start contacting each campaign and ask them their stance on the illegal immigration issue. Explain to each campaign that you will not support any candidate with your vote or your contributions if they are not aligned with the public. If they do not have a campaign position in writing on their website or campaign material, they have lost your support and will not gain it till that happens.

    Core Message "I will vote. My family and friends will vote. We will not vote for you or contribute unless you make illegal immigration one of your open campaign issues."

    With thousands of us working together, campaign offices will begin to receive lots of e-mails and calls of this nature. They will test the issue in their polling if they have not already and it will become clear to them where the public is at on this issue.

    Do not forget our ALIPAC philosophy. Calls! Calls! and more Calls! Calls reinforced by e-mails and letters are the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO HAVE AN IMPACT.

    Your calls and inquiries will help us to make sure this issue appears in every race possible from the top of the political ladder to the bottom. You should also contact 3rd Party candidates that are running.

    Once one candidate takes on the issue, the illegal immigration arms race has begun and other candidates will start to react to that candidates move.

    ITEM 2:

    We have a plan to influence what issues candidates run on and what promises they make.

    While we realize that many of our supporters want action on a border wall and anchor babies, we ask that you avoid pressuring candidates on these two issues for political expediency. We want our candidates to win and we want to unify the nation behind our movement. Therefore, we are asking each of you to practice some political discipline and stick to the issues we know we have 80+% support on.

    After all, if we cannot have our existing laws enforced that are supported by 80+% of the public then why would we think we can have new measures put in place supported by 55% of the voters?

    Removing anchor baby provisions and building a wall enjoy strong support of about 55+% of the electorate. Some of the candidates we elect may go on to take action on these issues after they win. Right now we need candidates that are saying what they need to say to win, but we also need candidates that will do what they say once elected or reelected.

    The issues we have 80+% support on are...

    Our 6 Issues for 2006.

    1. Securing the borders.
    2. Removing all taxpayer benefits and welfare from illegal aliens including licenses and in-state tuition. (Emergency Medical care and K-12 excluded due to Federal court rulings)
    3. Crack down on employers that intentionally hire illegal aliens and aid and abet illegal aliens in other ways.
    4. Empower and fund local police to enforce immigration laws.
    5. No new Guest Worker Programs, amnesty, or any change in law that would allow illegal aliens currently in the US to remain here or return home and fast track back to the US.
    6. Insist that the Executive Branch of the US Government enforce our existing immigration laws or face the full Constitutional authority of the US Congress to assure this happens.

    After testing your local campaigns on the issue, please send them these stances and tell them this is what you are looking for in a candidate. Please do not add or detract from this issue list.

    If we come out of the other side of the 2006 elections with more members of Congress dedicated to these six issues then the population of illegal aliens in the US will begin to shrink.

    We are already receiving reports that the illegal alien population is moving out of certain cities and states due to enforcement in those areas. We also have reports that many illegal alien families are considering returning to Mexico due to the changes they see happening.

    For this to work, thousands of us must give of our time, energy, and funds.

    For this to work we must work together and get on the same page and the same plan.

    This e-mail will be retained on the ALIPAC website and promoted as the beginning of our plans for the 2006 elections.

    ALIPAC's President, William Gheen, is a veteran campaign consultant with over 40 campaigns of experience.

    If you need help or have questions about this plan, please contact him at

    Thank you for your continued support of ALIPAC.

    Not an ALIPAC supporter yet? Our time is running out. Please join the effort today via this link.... ... page&pid=9

    Join our Volunteer List to receive campaign volunteer opportunities from around the nation. ... page&pid=4
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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