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    Site outage, Progress update, & battle plans

    Support ALIPAC (HERE) then share this call for aid on (TWITTER HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (15+ other social media platforms HERE)

    This morning, was hit by so many bots from Asia that some of our users had trouble accessing our posts and archives. Overall, our web traffic is up with the new projects, upgrades, and repairs, and we are taking steps to try to prevent any scan-bot overloads in the future.

    We have currently raised only $1,162 of our $10,000 target by the end of April to fund the three projects detailed below. If you are willing to help us have the most significant impact possible against illegal immigration, Amnesty, non-citizen invader voters, and big tech censorship in the 2024 elections, please help us now at...

    Project 1
    : Americans Killed By Illegals

    This new project is fully launched and in motion. Thanks to those of you posting this link on other websites, Internet forums, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, the site is now indexed and showing up on page 1, position 6 on Google searches for "Americans Killed By Illegals."

    Please keep posting this link often, in many places, and stick it in the faces of the Democrats online, lying and claiming this isn't a real problem.
    943 Visitors (See box at the bottom of site) at the time of this email

    We need more help mining the archives for reports. It is slow going because only a few of us are doing the work. However, the new collection area for Project One now has 366 articles/posts. There are thousands more to locate and move, but we are doing our best.

    If you support this project to increase public & lawmaker knowledge about Americans Killed by Illegals, please support our work at...

    Project 2: Non-citizen & illegal alien voters

    We have the new area set up and a new website domain reserved, and some 63 of the reports/documentation moved into the new section at....

    We need more online volunteers (email if willing to help) to mine the archives to build this collection.

    We plan to launch Project 2 formally as soon as we raise the $10,000 we need to carry our operations and these projects to the next step. Please help us build a powerful and definitive collection of evidence to prove our point that Democrats plan to use non-citizen and illegal immigrant voters to steal the 2024 elections, and help provide the info states and counties need to defend against these by supporting us at...

    Project 3: Expanded candidate pledges, endorsements, and support.

    Our standing endorsement for federal candidates who share our opposition to Amnesty and illegal immigration is up and more visible in the new consolidated section for campaigns we have built at...

    You may notice there are not a lot of new endorsements for 2024 yet!

    We want to change that by completing the formal launch of Projects 1 & 2 and then channeling those powerful tools into a new type of candidate survey/pledge that will help us reach and support the maximum number of pro-America federal candidates by November.

    It is vital to any chance we have of impacting illegal immigration or saving America that these candidates are supported, and that starts with making sure ALIPAC is supported.

    Please send a clear signal today to all federal candidates that you want illegal immigration stopped and reversed and our existing immigration laws, including large-scale deportations, enforced by contributing at...

    We hope you will support our efforts as a donor and volunteer.

    Please reply to this email with any suggestions or questions.

    Let's roll ALIPAC!
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