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Thread: Six Million Dollar Liar Wins Tennessee Republican Senate Primary

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    Six Million Dollar Liar Wins Tennessee Republican Senate Primary

    Six Million Dollar Liar Wins Tennessee Republican Senate Primary

    For Immediate National Release

    August 7, 2014 10pm Eastern

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) | | (866) 703-0864

    Senator Lamar Alexander has won his GOP Primary against conservative challenger Joe Carr by spending 6.6 million dollars to Carr's 1 million, having a vote splitting spoiler on the ballot, bringing over Democrat voters in large cities, and by launching last minute ads that completely lie about his prior support for Obama's immigration reform Amnesty bill S. 744.

    Ryan Lovelace of the National Review reports that, "The latest pitch from Senator Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn.) about his record on immigration may mislead some GOP voters headed to the ballot box in today’s primary. In an ad published online earlier this week, Alexander said this about immigration: 'Last year I voted to end amnesty. Last week I voted against President Obama’s immigration bill.' ”

    These deceptive ads completely misrepresent the truth of Lamar Alexander's votes. In 2013, Alexander voted for S. 744, which was the Obama backed immigration bill that offered citizenship, amnesty, welfare benefits and American jobs to illegal immigrants!

    It appears that Lamar Alexander's lying ad claiming he voted against amnesty was in response to ALIPAC's robo call. (click here to listen)

    Also, Tony Lee of Breitbart reports that just last week Lamar Alexander skipped out on a vote to help Senator Jeff Sessions "prevent President Barack Obama from unilaterally granting temporary amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants."

    "We fought very hard to elect Joe Carr, but in the end Lamar Alexander played every dirty election trick in the book and told six million dollars worth of lies," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "We did our best to warn GOP voters that Lamar Alexander voted for Obama's amnesty bill, and Alexander used his mega wealth advantage to broadcast the lie claiming he voted against amnesty and against Obama. These well financed lies that are deceiving conservative voters are what is killing America!"

    Conditions for average Americans will likely continue to rapidly deteriorate if candidates continue to win their races after completely misleading the public on their true positions.

    ALIPAC deployed an auto call similar to the one used to defeat Eric Cantor, and while Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, and many others who defeated Cantor came to challenge the large Lamar Alexander, the effort to defeat Alexander received almost no coverage on the very powerful Drudge Report.

    "Negative information about Eric Cantor made it on the Drudge Report in the days leading up to that election, but that kind of information did not surface on Drudge regarding Lamar Alexander," said William Gheen.

    While Americans fighting against the costly and deadly illegal immigrant invasion had hoped to take down another powerful Republican supporting Amnesty for illegals, the real focus now shifts to the general elections of 2014 where an unprecedented number of Democrats supporting Obama's invasion should lose their seats.

    That is unless they spend millions of dollars telling voters they too oppose amnesty and Obama just like the six million dollar liar Lamar Amnesty Alexander.

    At the time of this release, with 21% of precincts reporting, Lamar Alexander was maintaining a consistent 14 point lead over Joe Carr 52% to 37% with both Politico and Fox News calling the race for Lamar. ALIPAC would like to thank Joe Carr and all the Americans that stood up for the truth and fought hard to stop Amnesty Alexander.

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    Thank you to all of the voters in Tennessee who rejected Senator Lamar Alexander, who know the real threat from amnesty, open borders, and out of control government.
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    Patriots this must stop. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS (Republican marginally betterthan the Democrap). It is long, long past time to stop playing this game.

    More than the power of the enemy, it is the apathy of patriots, people who should be on our side, that is killing this country. Apathy is passive support. Sorry lazy asses, if you know something is wrong, you incur a moral obligation to fight it.

    We have the power to defeat any establishment punk. EVERY LIBERAL VICTORY IS BECAUSE TO FEW PATRIOTS FOUGHT TO DEFEAT THEM.

    Tennessee patriots, we must make the liberal GOP hacks fear us more than they fear not getting Zuckerberg’s and the Chamber of Commerce’s money.

    WE MUST PROVE THAT WE ARE VERY, VERY BAD LOOSERS. We must prove that we are vindictive and nasty when defeated. If we can not win in a primary election, we must prove we can defeat them in the general election.

    Tennessee patriots now need to start a protest, write in campaign for Joe Carr in the general election. We must prove that when the establishment Republican is challenged by a serious Democrat opponent, we can make an easy victory very precarious for the GOP hack.

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