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Thread: So Thankful for Everyone Fighting the Good Fight

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    So Thankful for Everyone Fighting the Good Fight

    Well, things did not go as well as we had hoped in Alabama, and Katie Britt has defeated our candidate Mo Brooks with more than 60% of the vote. While all other ALIPAC Endorsed candidates have won so far in 2022, losing Mo Brooks from public office is a terrible loss to the national movement to stop illegal immigration and secure America's borders.

    Katie Britt has promised to build walls and fight to secure the border, and we pray that she will do that in defiance of the many open-borders power groups and industry PACs that gave her are three to one financial advantage over Brooks!

    We are thankful that despite all the economic and political turmoil that ALIPAC was able to go to Alabama, organize volunteers, speak at events, reach out to talk radio audiences, raise awareness, support a true conservative patriot like Mo Brooks, and stand alongside so many Americans who are doing their very best to fight the good fight and help our nation.

    Many people in Alabama are perplexed by and disappointed with Donald Trump's inconsistent behavior in this race and feel that Trump back-stabbed Mo Brooks despite Brooks's support and defense of Trump!

    In the end, the Katie Britt campaign was better organized and funded and harnessed her grassroots support well.

    Please know how thankful we all are at ALIPAC to have the support of great patriots who gave their time and funds to make this fight possible.

    You win some, and you lose some, and while this was an important battle, the war to save America from the illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of our homeland continues in 2022.

    We can't always be the deciding factor and we have to accept our wins and losses with grace and know that sometimes it's important to simply do what you can and fight the good fight regardless of the odds or outcome.

    In the end, it is better to have fought for what is right and lost than to fail to speak up or take a stand at all.

    We must be willing to risk failure to have any chance at success.

    So thankful for the new friends and ALIPAC supporters we have met in Alabama and thankful to God we have been able to try to help.

    We wish Mo Brooks all the best as he finishes his final term in Congress and prepares to spend more time with his thirteen beautiful grandchildren. He knows we did all we could to help him because of his principled pro-America stances on immigration issues which is a mission accomplished for ALIPAC regardless of the outcome of this one race.

    Thank you for standing with us through thick and thin, wins and losses, and the different seasons of our national struggle.

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
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