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Thread: The Socialist Revolution's Internal War on Americans

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    The Socialist Revolution's Internal War on Americans

    The Socialist Revolution's Internal War on Americans

    June 11, 2020

    by William Gheen

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    The unrest and mass violence in American streets at the hands of angry misinformed mobs is being encouraged, organized, backed, and inspired by the media and social media companies who are receiving large sums of money from the Chinese Communist Party and Saudi Arabia. These nations want the United States destabilized to make room for their new global world order.

    And I put pen to paper on these concerns with great care and extensive forethought in the hope of rapidly warning and educating other Americans because millions of our lives may depend on our ability to understand and properly react to these acts of information and violent warfare emanating from foreign and domestic enemies.

    The violent socialist revolution in our streets that demands Confederate flags and monuments (which most Americans don't care to defend) come down, also intends for all American flags and monuments of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, and our veterans to come down as well.

    Their goal is to destroy anything and anyone that stands in the way of their takeover and takedown of America and plans for the birth of a new nation on US soil.

    Directly from the pages of George Orwell's book 1984, which was a futuristic criticism of communism, we know the party slogan, "Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

    But our school kids don't read 1984 anymore now that the schools are lined with cameras, cell phones track every message and movement, and the teachers are required to be socialists.

    This "revolution" doesn't just want individual police officers fired and put on trial; they want all white male police officers and soldiers removed and all Americans of European ancestry and Americans of all races loyal to the current United States, Constitution, and Bill of Rights removed from positions of power, community status, and employment.

    If you are a Republican, Christian, Trump voter, or simply an opponent of socialism and communism of any race, you are putting yourself and others in great danger by bowing to or supporting BLM, La Raza, and ANTIFA in the streets.

    As these agent provocateurs work to dismantle America's history and past, the amazing similarities between recent riots in Minneapolis and many other American cities and the German Kristallnacht or "Night of Broken Glass" of 1938 are ignored. Rioters were encouraged to attack the businesses of one ethnic group while avoiding places with signs reading "German-owned businesses" oops, correction, "black-owned businesses."

    It is often said, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, and clearly the rioters destroying statues in America are eager for us to forget our American history.

    In their own writings and white papers, these left-wing political movements in our streets view the United States as being the next South Africa... a colonial, imperialist, patriarchal nation that must be destroyed to usher in their socialist, communist, globalist new nation being built on top of what once was America.

    Americans would do well to watch Laura Southern's Farmlands documentary about white genocide in South Africa and how the white population there is being savaged, murdered, and forced to live in shacks on toxic landfills despite the promises of peace and equity from the communists at the end of Apartheid.

    It is understandable and appropriate for Americans to react with shock at seeing a man die on camera while being arrested for his most recent criminal acts. But the same social media and mainstream media that are delivering that content to you won't show you reports of all of the murders and child rapes being conducted by illegals who are in America because our government refuses to enforce our existing border, immigration, and deportation laws as required by the Constitution.

    Our states are being invaded, and hundreds or thousands of Americans are paying the price of blood each year as the same media delivering you incomplete, politicized, and bogus information about George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown hides all of those crimes by illegals.

    We live in a nation where white on black crimes are "hate crimes" and black or brown on white crimes are "hush crimes". How's that for equality?

    These socialists in the media lied to us all about the Duke Lacrosse team, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and many others in their effort to tell the false narrative "white men with guns are evil."

    Trayvon Martin was killed because he was beating George Zimmerman to death on the ground and our courts found Zimmerman fired in self-defense.

    In America, it is legal to fire a gun to defend yourself and others and the vast majority of Americans want those laws and freedoms upheld.

    Zimmerman, who the biased media labeled a "white Hispanic" was in truth a Hispanic, Jewish, liberal Democrat, Obama voter, who tutored black kids in his spare time. Yet, he was made to fit the "evil white man with a gun" narrative.

    The hypocrisy of this movement should be apparent to all as protesters put their hands in the air and chant, "hands up, don't shoot." It is clear they never heard the news that the grand jury found that never happened and that Michael Brown was shot by a police officer who fired in self-defense as Brown tried to beat him to death and take his gun. All of the "eye witnesses" who lied and said Brown had his hands in the air when shot were proven to be elsewhere when the incident occurred.

    Again and again, the false narratives from the leftist media are proven wrong in courts of law where objectivity prevails, yet most Americans only hear the initial loud shout of the lies and not the barely reported corrections that come later.

    But of course, the cultural Marxists in the streets would say this is all a case of systematic racism and the courts are racist too because after all... all whites are collectively guilty as racists. Thus the term "White Privilege."

    The grand hypocrisy of the leftist media is clear as we watch three televised funerals for George Floyd as American citizens are told in many states that we are not allowed to have funerals for our loved ones because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Media concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic disappeared in their supportive reporting of the rioters.

    Police cracked down and arrested peaceful protesters demanding they be allowed to reopen their businesses, but then the same police jurisdictions in cities like Raleigh, North Carolina, are ordered by socialist Democrat Mayors and City Council members to back up and do nothing as Democrat voting blocs riot, loot, and burn businesses!

    We have more than 40 million Americans out of work and these chosen ones in the street are given permission to riot and burn and yet most Americans still don't see this as a war against us because it is a stealth war.

    The press is actively denying the fact that much of the political anarchy we see is being funded by front groups and minions of George Soros. This is why Soros's money is banned in Russia because they do not want to endure one of his Colour Revolutions.

    President Vladimir Putin said that Russia must prevent Soros backed colour revolutions: "We see what tragic consequences the wave of so-called colour revolutions led to. For us this is a lesson and a warning. We should do everything necessary so that nothing similar ever happens in Russia"

    Many of these Democrat blue city government police, which were ordered to let the criminal mobs in the street attack and destroy parts of our American cities, were also ordered to kneel down or lay on the ground in front of the mob and cameras in disgusting displays of submission to the socialist street revolution.

    And nowhere in the media will you hear what I want to say and what most of America's law-abiding citizens want to say which is, "We bow to no one but the Lord," and, "The #1 thing to do to avoid injuries from police is to not commit crimes."

    Murals are being painted showing George Floyd with angel wings by those who have never been told that Floyd was a career criminal who was high on meth and fentanyl when he was arrested for trying to spend counterfeit money, who once held a gun to a pregnant woman's belly during a home invasion. It is sad and unfortunate George Floyd died during his latest arrest, but he is no hero and certainly does not deserve the deification of Martin Luther King currently being applied to him by left-wing political activists.

    And where is the video of what happened just before George Floyd was subdued? Word is that it showed him violently resisting arrest and if true the officer is likely to be exonerated by a court and again the mobs will wage war against America in the streets!

    Another major censored topic are the yearly FBI Crime statistics, which show the bigger problem in America is the thousands of Americans suffering from violent crimes each year, of which approximately 50% are perpetrated by black criminals who collectively make up less than 2% of the US population!

    The socialists want the focus to be on the few cases of police misconduct or criminality while turning a blind eye to the major disparities in the demographics of America's criminal element and violent crime problem.

    This is because most criminals vote Democrat and there is a statistical one to one relationship between Democrat precincts and high crime levels. Most of our law enforcers and soldiers vote Republican.

    The Democrat party has become the party of socialism and the party of crime and criminality.

    This is a well-financed and organized controlled demolition of America that is mobilizing violent illegal immigrants, refugees and refugee advocates, non-citizens, disaffected minority communities, and brainwashed young people in groups like ANTIFA to overthrow the United States to make way for a new nation under global controls.

    Each well-meaning American who joins their protests in the streets or flies their red or black flags online in reaction to the omission lies and false narratives from the media is wittingly or unwittingly aiding enemies of America foreign and domestic.

    It is a movement based on lies that glorify crime and criminals, and always sides with the lawbreakers against police officers and American citizens who would defend lives and property against evildoers and the mob that backs them.

    It is a movement filled with Mexican flags held by Mexican nationalists tearing down US flags and monuments. Yet, most Americans seem to still be oblivious to the true nature and level of this existential threat.

    It is a movement willing to ignite a civil war by demanding the disarmament and criminalization of all law-abiding gun owners in America, beginning with the weapons most likely to empower our citizens to resist and withstand large scale tyranny.

    As a political scientist, veteran campaign consultant, and national spokesman quoted by every major media outlet in the country, who has researched and written about these issues for decades, I want every American to know that these socialists are not fond of leaving those who opposed them alone once they take over a nation.

    These are the types of leftist revolutions that in the past have killed more than 100 million of their own citizens since 1900, according to numerous historians.

    We must do all in our power to prevent the imminent mass murders similar to the Killing Fields, the Holomodor, the "Great Leap Forward," and the Stalin purges on the verge of manifestation here on American soil.

    Each company, CEO, or individual joining in the chorus of "Black Lives Matter" is now part of a much larger and long-standing movement to destroy the United States and rebuild a new nation based on globalist values controlled by the Chinese, the Saudis, and corrupt billionaires like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim, and many others who represent the same blue-blooded aristocracies and monarchies from which the United States was formed to free us.

    Ninety-five percent or more of Americans want our police officers held to the highest standards, and none of us outside of this small section of violent criminals and psychopaths want anyone killed through criminal acts, but these concerns are not the main and often hidden goals of the leftist movement marching in our streets and burning our cities in America 2020.

    America cannot survive and thrive as long as we are being fed a steady stream of lies like this.

    Please see this leftist movement for what it really is, and if any of what I say seems strange or unfamiliar to you... time is short for you to Wake Up, America!
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    Disparities in the # of blacks contacted injured or killed by police can somewhat be explained by the black violent crime frequency compared to other demographics. 2018 FBI crime stats show that 3177 of 6570 murders in US committed by blacks. That's 48%!

    Whites commit about 40% of murders making up 65% of the US population and blacks commit close to 45-50% while making up 12.5% of the US population according to the FBI data.

    This FBI data also shows that blacks are twice as likely to murder white people than white people are to murder blacks! Isn't that inverse of what the biased media and people in the streets are saying is the problem with systematic racism in America?

    Please double-check my math as I want to make triple sure my estimates are approximately correct.
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