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    Some NC Republicans Helping Obama's Executive Action Amnesty & Illegals

    Activism Alert: We need everyone circulating this press release and contacting members of the NC House finance committee by phone and email to explain why 4 out of 5 Americans oppose licenses for illegals. Make sure you point out that you are aware this is a GOP led effort to support Obama and his amnestied illegals. Contact finance committee members via...


    Some NC Republicans Helping Obama's Executive Action Amnesty & Illegals

    April 21, 2015

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) (919) 787-6009 |

    As Rep. Harry Warren's "licenses for illegal aliens" bill HB 328 heads to the NC House finance committee, ALIPAC and allied groups are launching a campaign to warn North Carolina citizens that oppose such steps by 77-83% margins that this Republican led effort is intended to assist illegal immigrants that Obama is bestowing with the unpopular, unlawful, and unconstitutional "Executive Action" amnesty!

    ALIPAC plans to fight hard to stop Republicans from voting with Democrats to aid Obama and his illegal aliens decreed amnesty with HB 328.

    Closer inspection of HB 328, deceptively named "Highway Safety Act," shows that illegal immigrants would be able to use "restricted permits" to drive legally in NC to jobs it is illegal for them to have under federal law. The bill's primary sponsor, Harry Warren, emphatically denies this is a driver's license but an illegal shows one to a cop they can drive away without penalty.

    ALIPAC's public education campaign will include notifying the public that the NC Chamber of Commerce and the NC Chiefs of Police are behind HB 328 along with their allies from the Mexican Consulate and the La Raza (The Race) groups.

    Licenses for illegal immigrants are so unpopular that only 3 states were offering them until small sections of Republicans started joining most Democrats to vote for such laws favored by illegals and those who employ them illegally. Warren's HB 328 is expected to use the same strategy and would make NC the 14th American state to aid and abet illegals with a form of license they need to remain in the US unlawfully and to access banks and public services.

    "Our mission is to awaken the public forces that overthrew Republican Congressman Eric Cantor in a landslide and that threw down licenses for illegals with 67% of the vote a few months ago in Democrat controlled Oregon!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Representative Warren and every GOP lawmaker who votes for HB 328 is voting to assist Obama and his illegals by providing the biometric ID we have seen in all the defeated immigration reform amnesty bills. HB 328 is designed to turn NC DMV offices into the Ellis Island stations found in prior amnesty legislation that the public and Congress have defeated several times. We will do all in our power to stop Republicans from aiding Obama and his illegal aliens decreed amnesty with HB 328."

    ALIPAC is working with other groups to set up town hall style meetings across North Carolina, visit with local media and conduct talk radio interviews about HB 328.

    ALIPAC's national networks representing Americans of every race, creed, and walk of life in all 50 states as well as the national media are being notified of the fight to stop GOP Representatives from working in conjunction with the Obama administration to integrate illegal aliens into the American economy at the expense of US workers, taxpayers, students, and voters who are being displaced and replaced by a form of invasion that uses illegal immigration to radically transform America and shift power away from American citizens into the hands of global socialists and other "stakeholders."

    For more information or to schedule interviews, please visit

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    The good folks who are running North Carolina seem to enjoy hiring illegals. I suspect that's so they can keep their own people from organizing, to get better wages.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade

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