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Thread: Special Alerts for CA & AZ

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    Special Alerts for CA & AZ

    Take action then alert others using email and our (Social Media Here)

    We need national focus in two battleground states of California and Arizona.

    The American patriots still left in California need support recalling open borders Governor Gavin Newsom. After gathering more than 1.5 million signatures to initiate the recall, we are now awaiting the announcement of the recall election date.

    Don't let the biased media fool you; Gavin Newsom stands a strong chance of being recalled. More info at...

    We have also picked up news about another effort to give in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens via a ballot initiative called SCR 1044 in Arizona during the 2022 elections.

    We need to organize on the ground against this in AZ immediately. Special thanks to Scott-in-FL for posting this article. We need more of you to join and participate in our forums by emailing

    More info

    Arizona Voters Will Decide if Illegal Aliens Will Receive In-State Tuition in 2022

    Let's pull together to organize on the ground in CA and AZ and send in support from across the nation.

    The ALIPAC Team

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    Illegal aliens should not be in our country.

    Illegal aliens should not be in our schools.

    Illegal aliens should not be given one dime of taxpayer money nor should they be given in-state tuition subsidies.

    Illegal aliens should not be in our housing either!


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