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Thread: Special Thanksgiving 2014 Message from ALIPAC

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    Special Thanksgiving 2014 Message from ALIPAC

    ALIPAC Supporters,

    First and foremost we do want to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope that you and yours find great comfort and fellowship in what remains of our nation and culture. We hope that each of you gets some much deserved rest, relaxation and time with loved ones.

    We ask that you keep our organization and our cause in your prayers this year as we seek answers and guidance from our Lord about what we should do next in our battle to save America from the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of our homeland.

    We want to thank each one of you who has sacrificed time and treasure this past year to help us defeat amnesty in Congress and in the elections. We all did a really good job and were so successful that we have inspired the elites to show the world America's Republic in Washington is a big lie and illusion. Let's hope enough Americans will use the chance we have been given to see the truth and take steps to rectify this problem.

    We also want to thank our three volunteer Executive Officers at ALIPAC, our top volunteer activists and moderators on our forums, our Treasurer Bev, and the many independent contractors who keep our national organization humming along on a shoe string budget. A lot of people make a lot of sacrifices for us because they care about our issue and know how important our struggle is. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for us to take the time to thank those who serve in this battle.

    The despotic steps taken by Obama and his GOP facilitators last week have thrown America into a true Constitutional crisis, while at the same time starting an avalanche over our heads.

    As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2014, Obama has signaled the world that they can pack their bags and head our way without fear of the penalties of law in America. Those Obama is calling to our lands by the millions see us and America as the last vestiges of European colonization and they want to erase us from these lands.

    Remember their motivations when you see things like Ferguson, MO, and Obama's amnesty decree. In the eyes of many of the supporters of the illegal alien overthrow of America, America's laws, courts, culture, language, borders, and Constitution are all "evil Yankee imperialism," which they plan to destroy and replace with a form of global socialism favored by China and many mega wealth Billionaires.

    If you are having any doubts about mobilizing with us for the next fight, just imagine what the future will be like when the next ten million illegal aliens arrive within 5 years in response to Obama's all clear signal and the next Duke Lacrosse, George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, leftist media narrative leads to mass violence in our streets. It will be a whole different experience if their invasion and overthrow continues on the path to complete victory.

    And no, they won't be keeping Thanksgiving around in their plans for our future. They won't be keeping many of us around either as they have demonized us to the point of violence, and many of them blame us for the enslavement and genocide of their ancestors.

    History has told us clearly exactly how bad it can get for groups of people that are being defamed and demonized on the level American traditionalists and citizens loyal to the Constitution are today!


    Remember that we know that 74% of the people who voted in the historic midterm elections of 2014 disapprove of what Obama has just done for illegal immigrants by executive decree according to exit polls from Election Day 2014! This polling fact is being added to our poll collection (click here) that shows we represent the views of a vast majority of current American citizens.

    Yesterday, a new Rasmussen Poll came out showing that at least 62% of all American voters disapprove of Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty decree! The poll also showed only about 24% of voters support what he is doing.

    You need these polls because that lying snake Michael Bloomberg's propaganda network just put out another fake poll claiming 75% of Americans approve of what Obama just did and think Republicans should back off!

    These polls show us we can fight back against Obama and his illegal aliens and win once again!

    Calls To Protest in DC

    Michele Bachmann, whom ALIPAC has supported for years, has just warned everyone that John Boehner is nothing but a big fat liar who is telling Republicans they "will not engage" Obama on his amnesty decree. That sounds 180 degrees different than his press conference statements last week.

    Bachmann is also calling on Americans who oppose Obama's amnesty decree to join her in Washington, DC, on Dec. 3, 2014! While we are reading about her call for this to happen, nobody from her office has contacted ALIPAC to ask for our help. We have even called her office and received no reply as of yet. So here is the article to share with you and we will further activate America's 3rd largest group fighting amnesty if we hear anything back from them.

    Bachmann to America: Come to D.C. on Dec. 3 & Rally to 'Defund Amnesty'

    ALIPAC's next big move is going to take place on the Monday after Thanksgiving, Dec 1. We have some plans at the ready that will put our activists fighting right on the cutting edge of this battle.

    Please enjoy your Thanksgiving break and be ready to roll full force Monday morning.

    We have just begun to fight!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

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    Thank you, William, and a Happy Thanksgiving wish right back at you and your family!

    May I, too, join you in extending appreciation to ALIPACers who assist in any large for small way! Happy Thanks giving to them and theirs, from myself and many other believers in right that I know.

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