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    Stop Amnesty 2013 Today: All Americans Against Amnesty Please Join Us on the Phones

    ALIPAC Activists!

    This is a Red Alert. We need everyone, and we do mean every single person we can get, on the phones to Congress with us today to Stop Amnesty 2013!

    The Obama administration and other amnesty supporters are trying to psych you out saying "We have the votes we need to pass Amnesty quickly" Don't buy their hype because they are going down.

    We beat them in 2006. We beat their amnesty again in 2007. And when they told us they would pass amnesty in 2010, ALIPACers like you stepped up with us and beat them again!



    Step 1: ALIPAC's Distinctive Targets for your to focus on

    We have compiled a list of the first 40 of the 85 Republican members of the US House that just voted with pro amnesty speaker John Boehner and Barack Obama on the fiscal cliff fiasco.

    We feel that this group contains the GOP sellouts that are most likely promising the White House they will defect to the Democrats on a vote for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty (CIRA).

    By focusing our calls and e-mails on this group we can increase the efficiency and power of our lobbying.

    Please access this list to use for your calls.

    ALIPAC's List of House Republicans That May Support Obama's Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

    Step 2: Hit them Fast and Solidly With your message

    We want you to call these offices with an accusatory tone and put them on notice. Your goal is to flood their offices with "calls against amnesty" so the lawmaker will hear of your efforts.

    We also want an answer from their staff, but the answer may be tricky. Most will likely tell you that they oppose Amnesty and we need you to clarify for us and help us code our list of targets as "opposes" or "supporters" Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

    Sample message

    "I'm calling because I have been told that Congressman _________ may support amnesty for illegal aliens after voting with Obama on the fiscal cliff. Does Congressman __________ support or oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty for illegal aliens?"

    If they say Yes / Supports say...

    "I hope Congressman ________ will change his position because Comprehensive Immigration reform Amnesty for illegal aliens will encourage more illegal immigration, steal my vote in future elections, cost more Americans their jobs, increase government dependents, further divide and destabilize America, and destroy and future hopes of immigration or border law enforcement."

    If they say No / Opposes say...

    "Good, make sure Congressman _______ knows that opposing Amnesty means opposing any form of legalization for illegal immigrants currently in America and that Congress needs to focus on overriding Obama's unlawful amnesty decrees and enforcing our existing border and immigration laws which will help American workers instead of appeasing illegal aliens and their supporters."

    Remember to call to deliver your message, then send in a written version.

    Step 3: Report back!

    We need to know what these offices are saying back to you. Please report the results of your calls or any feedback of interest beneath the list of targets here. Using your feedback we will begin to add codes of Supports and Opposes to this list. Regardless of what codes appear, keep calling this target list.

    Everyone should call a minimum of 5 offices on the list and call the whole list if possible.

    Post your responses and feedback on the list here....

    We have given you new and distinctive targets for your activism against illegal immigration and amnesty and a simple 1, 2, 3 process to use with our online activists standing by to assist you 24/7 in the forums of

    Now we need you to pull together the time to get on the phones with us right away and to spread the word to others asking for their help by email and social media.

    ALIPAC will soon launch out press releases and go forth to rally more Americans to our efforts.

    Let's pick up those phones!

    Let's charge forward in defense of America!

    Let's Stop Amnesty 2013 together today!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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