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    Stop In-State Tuition & Licenses for Illegals in TX & NE: Attitudes shifting our way

    The backlash against Obama's policies as he attempts to sink the American ship by pumping as many illegals in as possible is in progress.

    You can see that reflected in the new poll being added to our polling section! Sixty-two percent of Americans now feel our nation's deportation processes are not aggressive enough. The scary thing about this poll is that 38% seem to be in the dark on what is really happening and needed!

    See top poll added to our collection assembled for your activism uses...

    Thanks to our hard won battle to stop licenses for illegals in Oregon last year and our prior work smacking Texas Governor Rick Perry down from the lead to last place in the GOP Presidential primaries of 2012 due to his support for in-state tuition for illegals, there is finally a bill in Texas to stop in-state tuition for illegals!

    A victory for our team of American Defenders against in-state tuition for illegals in Texas would have a major impact on the national battle against illegal immigration in all states!

    Please bring yourself up to speed in Texas with this Article to read and circulate...

    Then get in touch with any local Texas groups on our list (or that should be added to our list of state groups)...

    Then get on the phones to Texas lawmakers to demand, "Stop in-state tuition for illegal aliens which is opposed by more than 80% of American citizens. Support and pass Senate Bill 1819 to repeal the in-state tuition for illegals bill (HB 1403, then-Gov. Rick Perry signed the Texas Dream Act into law in 2001)!"

    Texas Lawmaker Contact Info...

    Heads up to Nebraskans on the licenses for illegals bill there!

    If you spot illegal immigration related legislation in your state, please add the info to our forums section at as soon as possible and we will relay the news to our national networks to help right away!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Keep in mind these illegal alien supporters on the state level are well organized and well financed and they will succeed in passing or defending their license and in-state tuition for illegals bills unless you energize and mobilize in sufficient numbers against them on your own or with just a small nudge from us. Move it or you will lose it! And by losing it we mean your state and nation!
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    Great news from Texas!! Not such great news from Nebraska. We patriots need to get to work!
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