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Thread: Thank you for standing up to Paul Ryan

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    Thank you for standing up to Paul Ryan

    While the results of yesterday's GOP primary in Wisconsin are not what we hoped, it has been a distinct honor and privilege to have your support in this fight against Paul Ryan. We all knew the odds were against us but continued to fight the good fight! Special thanks to Paul Nehlen and his campaign staff and volunteers for going up against such a corrupt and powerful titan like Paul Ryan.

    The good news is that while Paul Ryan won this battle, his larger ambitions to continue being the Speaker of the House and to run for President as early as 2020 just took a big hit!

    Paul Ryan was able to spend millions of dollars lying to his district, and every talk radio station and newspaper on his home turf was firmly bought off and in the bag! They reported his lies about being against TPP, being against Amnesty, not supporting open borders, not supporting Obama, etc. without allowing any dissenting views.

    In the end, most of the voters backing Ryan just refused to believe the truth they were hearing about his support for Obama's dangerous illegal alien and Muslim refugee resettlement programs because Ryan lied, because they thought the local papers and stations would tell them if that were true, and because their district is a protected bubble where illegals and refugees are not raping 5 year old kids... yet.

    But Paul Ryan felt our efforts, and the information that has been spread across America about his true record now puts him returning to Washington, DC, as a member of Congress and Speaker of the House, but more like John Boehner in his final moments as Speaker as the nation learned of his betrayals.

    So while Paul Ryan survives this initial challenge to his corrupt and deceptive practices, we are just warming up.

    We are Americans who know there is no place left to run in our own nation from these traitors and their invasion.

    We fight battles that need to be fought regardless of what the perceptions of our chances of victory may be.

    We will not concede any inch of territory uncontested. We are the political resistance and that is what we do... we resist this invasion.

    Again, we want all of you to know how thankful we are for an opportunity to stand next to you in an important fight like this one whether we win or lose. And while battles are won and lost, the war to save America is far from over!

    We hope everyone will take a day or two to rest up and reset because in a few days we must redirect all of our operations into the fight against John McCain whose seat will be decided on Aug 30!

    If you want to go ahead and get into position for the next fight, please visit the website of our ALIPAC endorsed challenger Dr. Kelli Ward at...

    William Gheen
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    Thank YOU, William, for continuing this fight when many others have dropped off in exhaustion. Our government is trying to slowly condition us to accept the idea that illegals will be among us and continue to come, and that our once-great country will become an unrecognizable smear of cultures, with (unfortunately) the most radical predominating. We cannot let this happen! I liken it to someone telling us we have to jump off a 100' bridge into water. If they inundate you often enough with this absurdity, after they have ground it in a thousand times when they "gracefully concede" and lower it to a 50' jump it sounds reasonable. With the left having control over the media we have to rely on word of mouth to reach the gullible masses. Sadly, I think it'll take a catastrophe for most Americans to realize the road they're voting us down. Even more sadly, those of us who comprehend it are being drowned with them because of their sheer numbers. We need to continue the fight however uphill it may seem. At some point enough people will finally get it. That day cannot come soon enough. So, thank you, William, for leading us forward despite the seeming oblivion of half the country.

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    Yes, thank you Mr. Gheen for continuing this uphill battle. The Wisconsin results were so very disheartening.

    To Busseysmom2: Very well written and insightful comment. It is hard for me to believe that the 911 tragedy was not enough to secure the boarders and drive out all illegals from the continental interior. We're going on 16+ years with absolutely no progression to secure our Nation. In fact, it would seem quit the opposite.

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