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Thread: Is there an illegal immigration Congressional Town Hall near you on our list?

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    Is there an illegal immigration Congressional Town Hall near you on our list?

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Many thanks to each of you who has sent in information about local town hall style meetings with members of Congress where we need you to boldly go in and confront them about the plan of Republicans and Democrats in Congress to pass Amnesty for Obama in 2013!

    The US House leadership is engaged in heavy trickery to get amnesty into law and one of our next emails will help you to spot their tricks! Their plan is for all of the amnesty supporters to do just what John McCain and Jeff Flake promised voters in Arizona to be elected. They plan to promise you they oppose amnesty then go to DC and vote for amnesty.

    We are now building a list of any opportunity for you to confront your members of Congress. If you can catch your confrontation on film, please send us copies for release. The other side is sending millions and sending in large groups of illegal aliens and their supporters to control the debate in favor of amnesty.

    So we hope you are ready to do what must be done! Time for members of Congress to feel the heat on the ground in their districts! The elites fear this will happen and will derail amnesty.

    ALIPAC's Growing LIST of Congressional Town Hall's for you to attend to fight amnesty at this link...


    We need more events for our list and we are counting on you to contact your local Congressional offices. This website at this link can help you find that information easily.

    You can also find information about these meetings with constituents by monitoring your local media and doing Internet searches. Please forward the details on who, what, when, and where to or post beneath our list at this link....

    We want you to ask them all why they are working to pass amnesty for illegal aliens instead of holding Obama accountable.

    Also, here are 5 questions from the Heritage Foundation that are good ones to ask in these meetings as well at this link....

    Our legendary ALIPAC online activists are standing by 24/7 at the links above to assist you with your comments, feedback, suggestions, questions, or concerns.

    Let's Roll Americans!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    Wonder if every Congressperson scheduled town halls through the week while everyone was working?

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    This seems to be as good a place as any to post this information: A previous article on ALIPAC web site told how the open borders lobby, including the SIEU have targeted three Congressmen for extra, organized pressure to vote for amnesty. These Congressmen were Chris Smith at his Hamilton office, phone 609 585 7878 / Rodney Frelinghuysen phone # 973 984 0711 / Leonard Lance at his Westfield office, phone 908 518 7733.

    When I called their offices earlier they seemed genuinely glad to hear from someone who was OPPOSED TO AMNESTY. These guys really need to her from us; we must never allow the enemy to win by our inactivity.

    You might remind these Congressmen that the so-called protesters were probably paid union workers and old hippies and illegal aliens. None of whom would ever vote for any Republican no matter what. Tell them you are calling as an unpaid concerned citizen and much more likely to support them because of how they vote. BE VERY CLEAR THAT YOU ARE OPPOSED TO AMNESTY AND WANT CONTROLLED BORDERS NOT LINKED TO ANY TYPE OF AMNESTY.
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    Anybody from the Chicago Area want to do some demonstrating with me outside of some of these Town Hall meetings? I'll paint up the large signs. "ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS TAKE AMERICAN JOBS" "MEXICAN UNEMPLOYMENT RATE: 5.1% REAL US UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 12-15%" "MASS DEPORTATIONS!!! NOT AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS" etc. etc. Let me know and PM me if interested. Tony

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    HEY WISCONSIN ALIPAC members, WHERE ARE YOU????? The biggest traitor of them all on this issue, Rep. Paul Ryan has his district in the south eastern most portion of your state. Why isn't anybody organizing a demonstration this month in front of the guys office in Janesville? I'll drive up there from Chicago.
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    Working at finding out when Congressman Smith will be in North Platte. So far they have him scheduled in Kearney, York, Scotts Bluff and a few others. I will be showing up to see him some where one way or another.

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    Here they show up unannounced at a senior citizen assisted living home at lunch or dinner time to do a short Q&A and call that a town-hall meeting.
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    I just received an email from my local GOP chair about a town hall against Obamacare in which all three of our reps have DECLINED to attend.

    Dear 6th District GOP Chairman,

    Will you please distribute following information down to your members? State Chair or Vice Chair will be in attendance at event.

    Thank you much!!!

    Please join us if you can!!

    August 20th, 2013- 6:00pm
    The Oak Branch Conference Center
    23 Oak Branch Drive ...
    Greensboro , North Carolina 27407

    The citizens of the 6th District have scheduled a Town Hall!!! Our primary concern, at this time, is the movement in the US Congress to DEFUND ObamaCare. We would love to hear from our Senators and Representatives and to learn where they stand on this very important issue.

    We are asking our Senators and Representatives to lend their full support to the Defund ObamaCare movement.

    We are asking Senators to join with Senator Mike Lee in pledging to stop this ObamaCare Monster, known as the Affordable Health Care Act. This disaster is anything but affordable and is a catalyst to destroy the world's best health Care system.

    We are asking our Representatives to sign the letter by Congressman Mark Meadows in which he says, “In light of the Administration’s recent delay of the employer mandate and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal, it is imperative, now more than ever, that Congress do everything in its power to halt the implementation of the healthcare law,” Meadows writes. “It is entirely unacceptable that the IRS, a government agency that actively discriminates against Americans, is in charge of implementing a law that Americans do not want.”

    We encourage all citizens to join us!


    Senator Richard Burr- DECLINED
    Senator Kay Hagan- DECLINED
    Congressman Howard Coble- DECLINED

    Don Webb- 6th District Congressional Candidate- no response yet
    Thom Tillis- US Senate Candidate- no response yet


    Master of Ceremony- Dr. Tim Daughtry
    NC GOP- Chairman Claude Pope or Joyce Krawiec to fill us in on the RNC meeting
    Freedom Works- Dean Clancy to talk about Obamacare
    Obamacare Activist- Pattie Curran to talk about personal family experience with Obamacare
    Video Presentation- Congressman Mark Meadows
    US Senate Candidate- Dr. Greg Brannon(will be 'on call' however)
    Congressional 6th District Candidate- Mark Walker

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    I wanted to make sure you saw this email from Elizabeth, Joe’s finance director. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are hosting a big fundraiser today for liberal activist and professional political consultant Erin Bilbray.
    Joe’s campaign needs the resources to stand up to the Pelosi-Reid machine.
    Our goal is to raise $5,000 before the end of the day. We’re almost there; contribute $50, $25 or whatever you can today
    Mark Ciavola
    Campaign Manager
    Friend of Joe Heck

    From: Elizabeth Britt, Finance Director

    Sent: Monday, July 1:04 pm
    Subject: Tomorrow: We have to push back.
    Dear Friend,
    Tomorrow, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is hosting a fundraising reception for liberal activist and political consultant Erin Bilbray at Senator Harry Reid’s energy summit.

    Nancy Pelosi is in the middle of a record breaking fundraising haul and has rallied the liberal establishment to raise money for her handpicked candidate: Erin Bilbray.

    As we’ve seen in previous campaigns, this money will be used to bombard the district with negative and misleading media ads against Dr. Joe Heck. In fact, in some areas, the negative ads have already begun!

    We have to give Joe the resources to push back against these false attacks.

    Our goal is to raise $5,000 for Joe’s campaign before Bilbray’s lunch with Speaker Pelosi tomorrow. This is a small amount compared to what Speaker Pelosi and her D.C. friends will bring in tomorrow, but it will help us start to push back against the false attacks we know are coming.

    Please contribute $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can to help us reach our goal today.

    With your help we can’t lose.

    Elizabeth Britt
    Finance Director
    Friends of Joe Heck

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