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    Time to focus on Congressional campaigns

    While the favorite conversation topics of the day are about the Presidential campaigns and Cecil the lion, we need to put our focus where it matters most right now.

    With the illegal immigration issue back, front, and center, this is the perfect time for us to locate, encourage, generate, and support candidates for US Congress and Senate who will support the adequate enforcement of our existing immigration laws instead of any form of amnesty for illegals.

    If we can get that Congress in place and our court challenge stops Obama's amnesty, we can once again reverse illegal immigration in America as we had done about 3 years back before Obama stepped in to restore and increase the inbound flow!

    Next week we will officially release ALIPAC's "Cantor List" to the media for the first time!

    While we are still working to finish all of the individual profiles, and we are removing the Presidential materials for now to focus on the Congress, this list will contain more than 100 GOP targets!

    We already have many great candidates that have emerged and contacted ALIPAC that we will then start placing on the list.

    We have the ability to project the campaign mechanisms that were responsible for the defeat of Eric Cantor into these GOP primaries across America which is what the amnesty supporting elites fear the most! But our ability to do this will not matter unless we can recruit and ID enough patriot candidates for this effort.

    We only have 9 months to do this critical work so let's get to work on our baby!

    This is what we need you to do.

    1. Locate the GOP amnesty supporter or supporters in your state.

    2. Familiarize yourself with their amnesty supporting record and make it your focus to play a role in taking down the ones closest to you.

    3. Facebook pages that are being used to recruit GOP challengers for our Cantor List targets will soon be added to all listings and you can use these to help with the search.

    4. Monitor your local media and your local grape vines and social media to identify GOP primary challengers in these 100 races, then help us get an ALIPAC survey from them sent to as soon as possible.

    Survey (2014/2016) --

    5. If you live in one of the districts of a traitor on the Cantor List, consider running for office yourself, directly recruit a qualified candidate who is willing to follow our lead, or begin assembling your own team of friends, contacts, and neighbors to be a powerful activist cell going after these targets.

    6. Post links to any of the profiles you are targeting in as many places on the Internet as possible. The amnesty supporters on the Cantor List will not be happy to see more people being directed to the truth about their record. The more people see these profiles, A. the better chance we have of recruiting a candidate to run by Jan 2016; and B. the greater chance we have of defeating those on the Cantor List.

    7. Please look closely at ALIPAC's standing endorsements list which is also being cleaned up and prepared for the 2016 elections. We have just received word that the US Chamber of Commerce is about to target all of our people in Congress for elimination from public office, so we really need you to also ID the ALIPAC supported candidates closest to you so you can vote for them, volunteer to help them, donate to their campaigns, and start fighting for them now or we are going to lose them. The word is they are going to target Congressman Walter Jones here in NC once again as well, and we can tell you from the last election that these people doing this are evil and have no moral restraint whatsoever!

    ALIPAC's Endorsed Candidates

    News Article about the Chamber coming for our people! --

    Let's get all of our people focused on Congress now because important steps and preparations must begin now.

    Start hammering the members of the Cantor List and helping us monitor each district. We need you to become our eyes and ears on the ground in all of these races!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    This is SO important--even more than electing a good president! If we don't have good people in Congress, NOT the Mitch McConnells and John Boehners, we will never make any progress toward restoring our United States!!
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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