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Thread: Trans-Easter & invasion crashing Support for Dems Nationwide

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    Trans-Easter & invasion crashing Support for Dems Nationwide

    Discuss & share by email and on (TWITTER HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    As you read and consider our report below, please support our national operations in this fight to save America from corrupt politicians. We must raise $10,000 before the end of April.

    A large, powerful, transformative wave of shock and anger is spreading across America in reaction to Biden's declaration of Easter 2024 as "Trans Visibility Day," a move that will devastate the Democratic Party and Democrat candidates nationwide in November.

    Kamal Harris has doubled down, eagerly sharing the proclamation on Twitter (View HERE). It is very sad for anyone to believe their "true self" or children should be mentally, chemically, or surgically sterilized by the LGBTQ-MAPS movement.

    Democrat support levels among all Christian groups are plummeting, including black and Hispanic Christians who often vote for Democrats! Even suburban and urban parents with children or aspirations for children are recoiling from this sex/death cult that seeks to sterilize our children mentally, chemically, and surgically.

    Black and legal Hispanic populations in illegal immigration high-impact areas or recoiling from the Democrats!

    This devastating political mistake by Biden-Harris, coupled with the growing understanding that Americans must work harder and longer for less because corrupt politicians are printing money to pay for illegal alien invaders, has set the stage for historic change in 2024.

    WARNING: The elites will want to change the conversation this week and Only by forcibly changing the widespread focus on the trans-Easter 2024 scandal to a terrorism attack, market crash, war, or by cheating on an unprecedented scale can the Democrats prevail.

    Everyone who opposes their agenda should stay cool and channel their anger into the elections and civic action. It's time to hold every Democrat politician and voter accountable for these grotesque actions.

    Only the most radical leftists and millions of illegals who will be threatened with deportation if they don't sign voter registrations and mail-in ballots this Fall will tolerate this!

    Stand & Push Back With Us!

    Today, we must launch a funds drive for ALIPAC's national operations and raise a minimum of $10,000 by the end of April.

    This will be a tough push, but it is necessary to continue our efforts to support candidates who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty as we do, to continue our new project to consolidate the documentation of Americans Killed By Illegals and to announce and continue our project to expose non-citizen and illegal immigrant voters.

    If you stand with us against any significant component of Amnesty, illegal immigration, big tech censorship, non-citizen voter fraud, and the assault on every American value, please show your support today at...

    Thank you,

    Americans For Legal Immigration PAC
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