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    Trump Amnesty Meeting is Plan To Protect GOP Incumbents from Primaries

    Trump Amnesty Meeting Designed To Protect GOP Incumbents from Primaries

    For National Release

    January 10, 2018

    Trump supporters across America are shocked to learn that after campaigning against illegal immigration, against DACA, against Amnesty for illegals, and against pro-Amnesty candidates like Jeb Bush, President Trump now says he wants both DACA and Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty brought to his desk for signature into law!

    The 180-degree reversal on Trump's top campaign issue is causing a wave of disappointment and anguish across America as many Trump supporters are forced to come to terms with the betrayal while others desperately try to rationalize Trump's comments made during yesterday's White House pow-wow on Amnesty.

    Filling the White House with notorious pro-Amnesty Democrats and Republicans, Trump vowed he would personally "take the heat" for both Democrats and Republicans for passing DACA and the same Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty that Americans and groups like ALIPAC shut down DC phone lines to stop in 2006 and 2007. (View Video of Trump vowing to Take the Heat)

    Trump explicitly campaigned against the Gang of Eight bill calling it Amnesty and is now leading the charge to pass the same kind of immigration legislation.

    "I believe the Trump White House meeting and Amnesty betrayal is designed to draw attention to Trump and away from the GOP Primaries where the filing periods for candidates have just begun!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "If Americans want to stop DACA and Comprehensive Amnesty once again the key is to call GOP members of Congress to threaten primaries and then actively seek quality primary challengers to run against Republicans backing Amnesty. Trump is trying to distract from the GOP primary filing window which is where the DC Amnesty faction is most vulnerable right now. Trump's comments and actions make it clear he is not one of us. He is one of them!"

    ALIPAC's seasoned and new activists are calling Republicans in Washington today to oppose DACA, and Comprehensive Amnesty Trump shockingly supports. (View activism alert)

    ALIPAC is working hard to encourage American conservatives who oppose Amnesty for illegal immigrants to file and run against GOP incumbents with a special focus on targets found on Kate's List and the Cantor List.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC activism, strategies, and analysis played a key role in defeating similar federal Amnesty legislation in 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2013-15 and the organization has successfully defeated illegal alien license, in-state tuition, and sanctuary state bills in more than 25 states since 2004!

    For more information about how Trump is trying to take the heat on Amnesty to provide cover for Republicans in Congress from GOP primary challengers, please visit

    Share this call to action by e-mail or on (Facebook HERE) ... (Gab HERE) ... (Twitter HERE) ... (LinkedIN HERE)

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