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    Two massive Amnesty bills on the move in DC!

    We are now tracking two massive Amnesty for illegal aliens bills that have been filed and are on the move in DC!

    We are now tracking...

    The Democrat filed Citizenship for Essential Workers Act in the US Senate, also filed as HB 3043 (View) and the Republican filed Dignity Act Amnesty filed as HR 3599 (View).

    Over 99% of our US citizens are unaware of these bills, unaware of the danger and problems they will cause, and are not mobilized against them.

    If you want ALIPAC to fight and hopefully successfully defeat Amnesty legislation in DC once again, we need you to take action immediately with a donation of $10 via our secure link at...

    William Gheen and the Team

    PS: If it takes us too long to raise the funds we need and mobilize you, or if we fail to raise the funds we need to continue national operations, these will be the first Amnesty bills to progress in DC without ALIPAC playing a strong and often critical role in stopping them since 2004.

    Don't let these bills pass due to confusion, PC paralysis, or apathy. Fund our fight now if you oppose Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens at...

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