(THIS IS NOT A HOAX. Please forward and post to all points. We are activating our ALIPAC Action Network. Your help is needed to get this urgent information to all press and law enforcement sources nationally)

ALIPAC Supporters:

We have been working behind the scenes for several weeks, as have many police officers, to get this information to break press. Today it has and we need to carry the WARNING to the nation.

If you are not familiar with MS-13 / Mara Salvatrucha 13, then please consult our Topics section under Gangs at www.alipac.us
Link to Gang Archives

Please e-mail all of your contacts, post this on Internet discussion groups linking in to the article on our homepage. Please contact your local law enforcement and media by e-mail or phone.

Media, Law Enforcement, and American citizens ALERT!

MS 13 Plans to Kill American Police Officers on 10/30: Mara Salvatrucha 13


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