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Thread: VIDEO Illegal Alien Transgender BLM & Communist Assault Trump Supporters on campus

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    VIDEO Illegal Alien Transgender BLM & Communist Assault Trump Supporters on campus

    Illegal alien backing racist groups like MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán) recently joined with overt communists, socialists, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and transgender activists to shut down a Students for Trump meeting at Portland State University!

    VIDEO: Illegal Alien Transgender BLM & Communist Assault on campus Trump Supporters

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    For those of you who are new to ALIPAC and don't know about MEChA or the Aztlan Separatist Movement that is rapidly growing in America, please visit...

    The threats of violence and vulgarity show the true character of the "Tan Klan's" assault on civil rights in America. The civil rights of Trump supporters are being grotesquely violated by these communist and George Soros backed activists, and the US Justice Department remains completely silent!

    The illegal alien invasion and amnesty supporting groups are right there in the room with these other left wing thugs and goons!

    Heads up, America! This is the future they have planned for us all, and the aggressors you see in this video seek permanent political and physical dominance over Americans that is almost complete via hyper legal immigration & rampant illegal immigration!

    Alex Jones has an excellent deconstruction of the assault on the Trump supporters in Portland that will give you a lot of needed background information....

    VIDEO: Alex Jones Analyzes LaughingAtLiberals' Video Of Commie Mob

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    Thank you for standing with against the insurgent invasion supporters seen in these videos!

    The ALIPAC Team
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    Well, if this doesn't get you angry, then I don't know what is the latest insanity coming from the delusional Library of Congress: at the behest of pro-amnesty groups, the Library of Congress announced that "the heading 'Illegal aliens' will therefore be canceled and replaced by two headings, Noncitizens and unauthorized immigration, which may be assigned together to describe resources about people who illegally reside in the country."
    The Library of Congress's decision is blatant capitulation to political correctness — replacing the correct term "illegal alien" with terms that are both factually and legally incorrect. The term "noncitizen" is overly broad and encompasses individuals who are legally entitled to be in the country, including legal permanent residents (green card holders) and guest workers. By contrast, illegal aliens have disregarded our immigration laws and reside in the country unlawfully. Call Your Representative NOW!
    The term "illegal alien" is the most legally precise, descriptive term in the lexicon. It delineates between one of only two possible categories; one either has legal status to be on U.S. soil or one is residing here illegally. "Illegal" means prohibited by law. Yes, entry without inspection into the U.S. is prohibited. And "alien" is a term that refers to a person who is not a citizen of the country. The term is well defined in 8 U.S.C. Section 1101. It is used by legal professionals across the board including the United States Supreme Court.
    Come on patriots, take to the phones and let these mentally challenged members know that this is unacceptable!!! Illegals are exactly that .....ILLEGALS and nothing is going to change that. Mexico has the strictest immigration laws, yet Americans are expected to make allowances for invaders from the South.
    I am a Trump supporter and an anti-Muslim re-settlement advocate ( I support those that do "not" want Muslims to be resettled here unless they have been "fully vetted" and what are the odds of that happening?!). Even the FBI has clearly stated that there is NO way to vet these people as there is NO organization or police dept or immigration dept that will vouch for all these Muslim invaders....and ISIS has already stated that they have infiltrated the refugees that are already in Europe. Make your voices heard; before its too late....which seems to be happening on a larger scale.

    'We bow down before no man.' Spartan's response to the Persian King..
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