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    Video of illegal immigrant stabbing babies in park removed from Twitter

    Update 2:24pm ET. We found a copy of the full video now up at Twitter for the time being at...

    Video of illegal immigrant invader stabbing toddlers being removed from Twitter

    For National Release | June 8, 2023

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    A video showing a 31-year-old Syrian national who illegally immigrated to Europe (invaded) and was given refugee status by globalist governments is seen stabbing small children and infants in Annecy France playground in a video being rapidly removed on Twitter.

    This illegal alien invader stabbed six people while women shrieked, including four children between 22 months and 3 years, who may not survive the attack. One infant was stabbed in a baby carriage.

    The unarmed citizens of France could only futilely swing bags and purses at the attacker because they have no gun rights like in the US.

    While free speech has greatly increased on Twitter thanks to Elon Musk, this new video showing the deadly perils of illegal immigration for innocent citizens of Western countries is being rapidly edited or completely censored.

    A partial and heavily edited version of the video can be seen at the time of this release (But probably not for long) at this link...

    ALIPAC is reminding those seeking information on this knife attack that many governments ruled by leftists and globalists like Joe Biden are improperly reclassifying illegal aliens as "refugees" in an effort to bypass existing laws, conceal the invasion, and diminish public awareness or concern over government-backed illegal immigration, which harms indigenous citizens in many ways.

    "We see a consistent pattern of any information or opinions that would reflect badly on the costly and deadly elite & government-sponsored illegal immigration invasion of Western nations being suppressed and censored," said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC responding to the censorship of the video. "Especially in cases where the victims are white, and the assailants are not, and anti-white racism is involved, these Hush Crimes face the greatest censorship."

    ALIPAC is a national racially inclusive organization dedicated to getting more truthful and accurate information to the public. The group is founded and supported by Americans and legal immigrants of every race, religion, state, and walk of life who are unified in their support for the current immigration and border laws of the United States and opposed to illegal immigration.

    ALIPAC has been an early target of numerous big tech censorship operations that attempt to defame and silence any group or activist concerned about illegal immigration or immigration vectored attacks like this one as "hateful."

    For more information about the thousands of innocent Americans killed each year because of forced open borders, corrupt politicians, the suspension of existing laws, and illegal immigration, please visit the world's largest archive of information on these topics at

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    This is heartbreaking and disgusting. These violent animals need to be deported, every one of them, and stop allowing them in our countries. They are not "human beings" and they have NO rights on our soil.

    We graciously "allow" these "refugees" and illegal aliens into our country, and they savagely murder us in broad daylight now. They steal from us, they rape us, they attack and beat us up, they destroy our homes, hotels, and shelters. They are bankrupting us of our tax dollars.

    More likely, we are FORCED to let them in and pay for them against our will. We want it all shut down and send them back! They cannot stay here. And their fellow Syrians and the countries they come from do not come out against this violence and carnage, what does that tell you? They condone it. Get them out of here!

    There will be more of this vulgar carnage and destruction of our citizens, our schools, our parks, our housing, our healthcare system, if we do not ramp up deportations and shut down ALL asylum, TPS, refugees, and illegal alien programs.

    Where are our MEN? Where are you. We need you all out in force to stop this and stop it now!
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