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Thread: VIDEO NC Rep Deborah Ross Says Illegal Mexicans Are American

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    I guess Little Odessa in Brighten Beach is actually an Asian community then. Did the recent census include Russians in the count of Asians living here in CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA?
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    This is just astounding. In fact it is almost to the point that she can't possibly believe what she is saying --and she is just saying it knowing that what (our side --legitimate average Americans standing up for our Country and families to stop illegal immigration) is the most opposite thing (anti-U.S.) to bring a short fuse..

    This seems what Nancy Pelosi's ridiculous statements seem to be like --
    ("pass the bill to find out what is in the bill", "unemployment and food stamps stimulate the economy", "Democrats have always had the goal of deficit reduction", latest -- "it's not about the money, it's about morality")

    a political strategy -- maybe? Its also the strategy of, 'just say it to say it - and just say it to make it so...' Some who want to believe it will believe it....(the uninformed) -- how dangerous and how traitorous!

    In any event this cannot be let go. Seems she is talking like NAU stuff --- or just a belief in the 'no border' syndrome.

    In any event --- I can barely think straight, it brings such disgust --- but these traitor anti-U.S. dems (likely progressive communists too) -- should get a stern reply

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    Time for Ross to go and live amongst them then she would change her mind.She dont have to put up with them like we have to.ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL what part of that she dont get?IS SHE FOR REAL?She is illegal to me.Selling out her own country TRAITOR.

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    ALIPAC Endorses Christine Villaverde Vs. Amnesty Rep. Deborah Ross (NC-2)

    For National Release | May 5, 2022

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( endorses GOP Primary Challenger Christine Vallaverde for Congress in her bid to unseat North Carolina Rep. Deborah Ross (D-NC-2) because Vallavarde has the strongest stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty, while incumbent Democrat Rep. Deborah Ross supports Amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights for illegals.

    Read and Share entire release at...
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