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    WARNING: Anger inspiring photos, videos, and news!

    WARNING: Anger inspiring photos, videos, and news.

    ALIPAC Supporters:

    You may want to consider sharing this e-mail and today's bad news with others.

    Our hopes and prayers go out to the families of Agents Ramos & Compean. It makes many of us heartsick to think of their children. If our own government will put two Border Patrol agents in prison for over a decade for shooting a drug and human smuggler in the rear, what message does that send to the rest of our law enforcement agents?


    WARNING: The following Videos and Images may provoke intense anger and concern in some viewers.

    American Children Pledge to Mexican flag captured on video ... =1&thold=0

    Photos of illegal alien RACE RIOT at Fontana High School ... =1&thold=0

    TX Democrats Produce Flier with Texas Returned to Mexico! (photo) ... =1&thold=0

    Our own government is sending two Border Patrol agents to prison. (Obscene) ... =1&thold=0

    Fight Back! Support ALIPAC! We bring you the news that you won't see on CBS, NBC, and ABC! ... page&pid=9
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    My advice to those pledging alliegence to the Mexican flag is: "GET ON BACK TO THE COUNTRY YOU ARE SO LOYAL TO!!!!!!!!!!!" These people do NOT want to be Americans, they just want to bring their country to ours and then rape America of all of her resources Yes, that video and those pics bother me and they SHOULD bother every American. Our country is being invaded by Mexico, no doubt. WHY is it that SO MANY of the illegals REFUSE to assimilate? WHY are they not pledging alleigence to OUR FLAG? I'm going to have to go drink a beer (and it's NOT going to be a Miller beer, either) just to calm myself down!

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    Anger is a soft way of putting it! Rage is a better word! Incredible and sad at the same time.


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