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    Warning: Plan C Amnesty vote expected in House within 24 hours

    To the phones! Call, call, call now!

    Share this warning by all methods at

    Our friends in DC tell us the Democrat leadership plans to have the house vote on Schumer's Plan C Amnesty for more than seven million illegal aliens to receive "parole" Amnesty before they leave for vacation Friday morning, Nov. 5!

    We need all of you on the phone now calling 28 vulnerable Democrats to warn them off from this rule-breaking Amnesty using our messages and numbers at...

    We also need all of you on the phones now to all GOP offices in the House to warn them to stand together against the Democrats reconciliation budget bill containing the Amnesty using our messages and contact info at...

    Please make as many calls as you can, as rapidly as possible, while using email and text messages and social media to rally others.

    Please help fund our efforts to stop this nation-destroying Amnesty to give Americans another chance to vote in 2022 at...

    The ALIPAC Team
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