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    Welcome chrislaster. I feel your frustration and understand totally. You've found a good place to share and learn.
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    Apathy of Americans for the sovereignty of the United States

    Thanks Jean, I apreciate that some of my fellow americans understand this. But at this point, is it to little too late? There are still people out there, american citizens, who sympathize with the illegals. And some hispanics who have gained citizenship by birth, whose parents were illegal, are now working to support he illegal alien cause. The same people who live and exist in ths fine country, and are protected by its laws serve to undermine those same laws. I would call them traitors, but the fact is they would actually have to be US citizens in more than an accidental birth to be so. It is my contention that instead of handing citizenship down to anyone lucky enough to be born here, that it be mandatory that at least one parent be a US citizen first. But that is only one problem. Another one is the apathy that I still feel most americans feel toward proctecting our sovereignty. I think we as americans have had it too good for too long and have forgotten about the sacrifices that our forefathers (and mothers) made to make this country what it is today. We drive nice cars and live in good houses and forget that the lifestyle we live was not gained by handing everything over to foreign powers and peoples, but by fighting and dying and scarifice. It is easy to forget while walking through a modern shopping mall that the fact of the very rich life we take for granted everyday was earned for us by those who gave thier lives, over and over throughout history. We have become complacent in our daily lives, confident that the status quo will endure. History teaches us however that such complacency leads to the downfall of a civilization. The golden age of Rome, one of the longest riegns of ancient civilization, was bought with the blood of Romans and thier enemies. And the roman decline, while contentious in its detials due to the fog and duration of time, is generally agreed upon to be caused by the apathy of the roman senate and people toward the very ideals which made them strong for so many centuries.
    We as Americans have a choice and a strong challenge. Our choice is how we will make this country survive and prosper, and how successful we will be. The challege is to affect this survival and still keep our ideals intact, while being realistic in what we believe in accordance to our time.

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