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    Warning: Your Response was too low


    Your response to yesterday's email was too low. We only received $100 in donations in response to our battle plans to fight to stop the numerous AMNESTY BILLS being submitted in Congress (View), to help the Elections Integrity Commission stop large numbers of illegal aliens from neutralizing your votes in elections, and to try to get Sheriff Joe Arpaio appointed to a border security position!

    Do you want us to allow these Amnesty bills to pass into law and destroy America's borders and your voice in US elections permanently? If not, we need to hear from you TODAY!

    Here we are in a position where ALIPAC can play a strong role to finally save large numbers of American lives from illegal alien rapists and murderers and finally stop illegals from stealing YOUR elections, but too many of you are not rising to fight!

    We were shocked when we saw that out of 50,000 of you receiving these free e-mail alerts and 800,000 of you on our social media pages only 6 of you were able to receive, read, understand, and respond with a donation to our call!

    Please take a few minutes to review ALIPAC's carefully crafted battle plans against illegal immigration and Amnesty for 2017 at this link..

    Then make a donation of some amount to let us know that you value our past contributions and current battle plans against illegal immigration on your behalf even if you can only afford $10 to show your support!

    Donate on our secure online donations page by debit card, credit card, or Paypal at...

    Easy secure donations by smartphone or mobile device at...

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Volunteers that work so hard against illegal immigration & Amnesty each week!
    (919) 272-8238

    PS: Please send mailed donations quickly to...

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622
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    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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