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    We need more donor & Volunteer support immediately

    ALIPAC activists,

    We have spent 14 years organizing folks like you from all across America to fight back against illegal immigration and Amnesty, and we need more support right away! We have currently raised only $16,259 of the $30,000 we must raise by the end of July for ALIPAC to survive. If you value our activism and these free e-mail alerts going to 50,000 like-minded Americans, then please step forward to help us cover our expenses at

    I'm doing as much work as a volunteer as I can give to you and this effort and we have other ALIPAC supporters that have been working their fingers to the bone hand addressing first class letters to our missing donors in the hopes we can reengage those that are stepping back from the fight! Where are you Americans that say you really want to stop illegal immigration? We need your help! So many of those reading this have given all they can already, and we need reinforcements!

    The critical election to replace Sen Jeff Sessions with Rep. Mo Brooks in Alabama is now only a month away, and we need you in action! We need to keep hitting DACA Amnesty hard, and now our Elections Integrity Commission is under brutal attack and needs ALIPAC reinforcements in the fight to remove illegal voters before we vote in 2018!

    Please step forward now and aid us in these battles! We cannot continue to fight unless you are willing to donate to this streamlined activist operation that has fought so many battles for you over the years (CLICK TO View List)

    Please take 5 minutes to donate $10, $30, $70, $100... up to $1-5,000 to fuel our operations in these important fights! It would be a real shame if all our progress and our first real chance to kick illegal aliens out of our elections failed due to a lack of funding!

    Donate to help ALIPAC fight for the Elections Integrity Commission, Mo Brooks for US Senate, and to end DACA Amnesty by donating now via...

    or by mail

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    At ALIPAC you get a lot of hard hitting fighting and volunteer action against illegal immigration for pennies compared to the millions the open borders forces are spending.

    Please stand with us and join us as a contributor! We need to move into action to defend and strengthen the commissions efforts to remove illegal voters! This commission is something ALIPAC has called for since 2010 and now we need to see it through!

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC All-Volunteer Team

    PS: Are there any webmasters or IT people with website code skills in the house? We hate to ask for outside help at this time, but our site has some critical issues, and we cannot afford paid help for repairs and vital operation needs. Any volunteer webmasters willing to help ALIPAC please e-mail

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