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    We are not quite out of the Amnesty & Refugee woods yet

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    We are very close to being able to declare victory over mass Amnesty for illegal aliens for 2019, but we can't rest yet. We are not quite there yet because...

    1. We need to deploy against the state Governors who are trying to salvage the dangerous refugee resettlement programs in states like Tennessee and South Dakota.

    2. The Senate still has not fully adjourned for the year closing the door on this cycle for the three major Amnesty bills ALIPAC has fought this year... HR 6, HR 5038, and S 386.

    We apologize for having to do this so close to Christmas, but anyone who can spare some volunteer time this coming Monday and Tuesday (Christmas Eve 2019), please assist us when our next email arrives and...

    Yes, we need your support to push for this final 48-hour window to say we did all we could in 2019 against the illegal immigration invasion and DC focused Amnesty agenda.

    Please take a few moments to fuel and fund our efforts via our secure online donations page with a Christmas gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to help ALIPAC push back in these last 48 hours at...

    While illegal aliens and their backers have made major gains in 2019, ALIPAC must hold the line by persuading as many Americans like you to stand up and speak out with us before the close of the year.

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Please help us put in the extra effort on your behalf over the holidays with a donation to ALIPAC at...
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