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Thread: We Won Against Amnesty today!

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    We Won Against Amnesty today!

    We won today in the US Senate. All of the amnesty bills were defeated! Special thanks to all who fought hard with and through ALIPAC to defeat Amnesty for our 7th time since 2004!

    The ALIPAC Team
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    William, is this the end of it, or can they take it up again? Thanks for all your hard work, and to everyone who helped out!
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    I too, want to thank William, thank Alipac and its members, thank the American people who all worked to stop amnesty #8.
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    Yes, many many thanks to everyone, William, ALIPAC, all those who donated to fund the survey, which I think was an excellent and brilliant move to get the truth out to Congress and the President about how Republicans feel about amnesty, which honestly, I think reflects how most Americans feel on this subject if they were comfortable telling the truth to the pollsters. Such a great day! I expect them to try again, but for now lets CELEBRATE THE VICTORY and thank everyone who worked so hard and smart to achieve it.
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