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    Will you support fast and accurate information?

    We need your help at ALIPAC.

    Our last funds drive came in over $3,000 below our minimum operations budget. As a result, we have made cuts deeper than ever before in our national organization's history.

    And even with these cuts, our time is limited. We are hopeful that we can make it to the other side of the pandemic peak and eventually resume full normal operations with your help.

    Please help ALIPAC survive the next few weeks during this crisis at--

    A lot of people have varied opinions right now on the pandemic, the President, and other issues, but we hope that we can all agree that Americans need more accurate, honest, and rapid information.

    We can't improve any issue or face any crisis without accurate information, and ALIPAC has shown you many times that we can deliver accurate information and predictions days, weeks, months, and sometimes years before the rest.

    If you value ALIPAC's national mission to stop and reverse illegal immigration and Amnesty and left-wing Silicon Valley censorship and abuse of Americans, and to deliver rapid, accurate information to you, then please show us you care with a donation of at least $10 or more at--

    We need your support now more than ever.

    The ALIPAC Volunteer Team
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