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Thread: You Are In The Final Moments Again: Major battles decided next week

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    You Are In The Final Moments Again: Major battles decided next week

    Fellow illegal immigration amnesty fighters!

    It is not a question of if major battles in the fight against illegal immigration will be decided next week and in the following weeks. These battles WILL be decided and right now the pro illegal alien invasion candidates are riding high with astronomical amounts of money from the invasion lobby groups!

    Primary elections take place next Tuesday May 6 in North Carolina, Ohio (Home of John Boehner), and Indiana.

    Not only are our pro America candidates struggling for donations and volunteers, but existing members of Congress who have stood by your side like Congressmen Steve King and Walter Jones are now under extreme threat and duress! The elites are coming after every lawmaker that has defied their plan to submerge the existing population of America beneath unending waves of hyper legal immigration and rampant illegal immigration.

    Support our Pro America candidates at this link...

    You have the power to stop the elites, save our lawmakers, and elect candidates who truly oppose Amnesty if enough of you will respond to this email alert and social media request.

    Many of our activists are already working hard as volunteers and have sent in their donations to ALIPAC's Endorsed Candidates found at this link....

    Unfortunately, while many of you are working hard ahead of time as we have asked, we have found that far too many illegal immigration fighting Americans wait till the very last minute before taking actions. That unfortunate phenomenom cost us Florida last night where illegal alien supporters won a critical state battle against Americans who fought hard, but in the end the illegals had more money and people pushing their bill.

    This is your notice that you have waited till the last minute again when your help is appreciated and can make a difference, but will be far less powerful than if you had responded earlier.

    But let us rally and organize as many of you as possible. Focus on the ALIPAC endorsed candidates closest to you and help us focus on getting these candidates every dollar, every volunteer, and every voter we can before Election Day. Many of these races will be decided by narrow margins and your actions, or lack thereof, could make a real difference!

    Depending on who wins and loses in the GOP primaries of 2014, nation destroying amnesty for illegal aliens will pass or fail in June-August of this year.

    Our prayers and applause goes out to all of those Americans working their hind sides off this coming week for our more than 100 endorsed candidates. All told, there are thousands of Americans like us making calls, planting yard signs, folding envelopes, sending e-mails, writing letters to the editor, calling talk radio shows, posting online, and working polls for these candidates.

    Are you in the fight or riding this critical election season out? Remember that the results of November's elections will already be heavily influenced by who wins in a few days and weeks!

    We are in the final moments once again! Let's scramble to assist our candidates!

    Let these candidates hear from you to know help is on the way (click their names for their websites)

    Yours in the cause,

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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