Have you had enough of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Are you ready to shut them down, or do you want to sit there and take it?

Our Border Patrol reports that after letting two million illegals just walk into America last year, these two traitors at the top are already on track for an additional one million illegals this year!

And those of you who have studied the issue with us at ALIPAC know these illegals are heading to the polls on election day to cancel your American votes (View Evidence)!


Step 1: Visit Ballotopedia (HERE) or other online resources to determine which GOP incumbents and primary challengers are running in your state. Then use printed hard copies, emails, social media, and their campaign website contact forms to send them our ALIPAC 2022 Federal Candidate pledge. By doing so, you will help influence the issues represented in the mid-terms and help our national network ID more American Patriots who need our help!

ALIPAC's 2022 Federal Candidate Pledge & Survey

Step 2: Use the same contact information for GOP incumbents and primary challengers for federal office, as well as state and county level seats, and send them this link to assure they are aware Democrats will be harnessing non-citizen and illegal alien voters to try to defeat them this November. They need to know these illegal votes will be reflected in their election result numbers. There is no other compilation list in the world like ours which Google is entirely censoring. So it is up to you to put this information in the hands of candidates and their staff...

72 Documented Examples of Non-Citizens illegally registering and voting

With your support, we have spent the last 18 years building up our grassroots national organization for this purpose.

Now, we ask you to spring into action with us in what may become the last march of the Americans!

William Gheen and The ALI-PAC Team

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