[Watch] Holder Pleads Ineptitude, Rep Goodlatte Won’t Let Dems Use Border for Amnesty Extortion

Posted on 14 July, 2014 by Rick Wells

ABC News’ Senior Justice Correspondent, Pierre Thomas might as well be reading the administration talking points from behind a podium. He sets up Eric Holder perfectly and challenges nothing.
Holder claims that the immigration laws are being enforced. There may be an odd rapist or murderer who is prosecuted but by and large that is a lie. Holder then blames the recent orchestrated invasion as creating an “extraordinary situation,” which is true.
It was created in part due to a lack of enforcement as well as a desire on the part of the Obama regime to import Democrats. It would be a simple fix, and as creative as these officials are at gaming the system, they could easily correct the problem if they devoted their skills towards that goal. It’s not what they want.
The proposal to reward the “economic refugees who claim violence” is for their processing into America, it does nothing to deal with the problem.
Holder shifts the conversation to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” or amnesty 2, which would have no impact on the current situation whatsoever and is nothing more than the current law plus a new amnesty provision.
Holder is exposing himself once again as nothing more than a partisan hack.
House Judiciary Committee chairman Robert Goodlatte (R-VA) doesn’t oppose all funding, he says that we should provide targeted funding to make sure we are able to detain and deport, and adds that there is an awful lot that Obama could do right now that doesn’t require any Congressional action.
He should first of all make it clear to those entering the United States illegally that they will be sent home. He says secondly, that he should go to the border and then continue south to Mexico City. They have a responsibility to secure their borders and to work with the United States to alleviate and prevent future incidences of this nature.

Goodlatte says that this would be a good time for Obama to demonstrate leadership and notes that prosecutorial discretion was intended for a limited exceptional case, not hundreds of thousands of offenders across the board. He’s also releasing criminals onto the streets, in absence of any discretion.
Rep Goodlatte points out, as Pierre Thomas failed to do, that most of the money is earmarked for transporting the illegals into the interior of the country, not for repatriation or enforcement.
Stephanopoulos asks if Goodlatte’s committee is drawing up or considering articles of impeachment, he responds that they are not, but at the same time there is a wide array of issues where they believe that Obama is not enforcing the law.

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