‘Biden crime cabal’ hunting, torturing & murdering Christians & conservatives expect America won’t fight back – already ‘removed’ America’s ‘front line of defense’ from ‘battlefield’

05/21/2024 // News Editors // 760 Views

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While one of the 'qualities' I've always loved and appreciated in Conservatives and Christians is that hugely, we abide by 'the rule of law' and do our very best to avoid 'breaking it,' unlike those on 'the left' who consistently break the law and behave as if they're above it, and 'the law' wasn't made for them to follow, including and especially those politicians in high places who act as if 'the law' simply gets in the way of the mayhem they want to accomplish, those 'qualities' will also lead to Conservatives and Christians being 'exterminated' in Civil War #2, and we've been seeing it happening already.(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)
With a perfect example of that what happened on January 6th of 2021, when America's 'Front Line of Defense' went to Washington DC to simply 'protest against' what was quite obviously a 'stolen election,' only for that entire group of men and women to have their Civil Rights stripped away from them by that 'crime cabal' who clearly had 'carried out a coup' upon America only months prior, then thrown into very real 'Gulags' in Washington DC with their Rights to a speedy trial denied to this day, those law-ignoring-and-breaking Communist terrorists knew exactly what they were doing in throwing those protesting Conservatives and Christians into Gulags, getting rid of those who would have fought back against the corruption we've been witnessing ever since, ensuring they'd never be there to challenge their lawbreaking, so they could then turn their focus upon others to 'eliminate' from the 'battlefield,' before most Christians and Conservatives even knew that 'Civil War 2' had begun.
And these people who protested are quite literally being tortured by the Biden crime cabal, such as this story of Jake Lang, who was just given 36 days in a sensory depravation chamber by the terrorists in DC, and take note, Lang STILL hasn't gotten a trial date for what happened in Washington DC. 4 years without a trial for protesting against filth and scum! That's EXACTLY how Communist regimes treat their 'political enemies'!
And as we see in what's happening across the planet right now, this is so much 'bigger' than just 'America' with this 'war' being a very real fight against a 'global terror cabal' that many Americans have come to know as the 'new world order,' a conglomerate of eugenicists who are attempting to set up a worldwide dictatorship, with them in charge, working tirelessly to 'kill off' as many people as stand in their way, already setting up what will be the 'backbone' of this 'new world order' with their 'World Health Organization' now pushing a worldwide 'pandemic treaty' which will give them the power to 'shut the planet down,' force their latest 'vaccines' (which we've seen in COVID are nothing more than death shots) into the few living people remaining, with the power to control all of the food globally, how and what is produced, restrictions on all medications, surveillance over the entire planet and the power to simply 'shut down' the speech of those who speak out against them.
With these terrorists also pushing their 'World Economic Forum' which will control the global economy no matter what Mom's and Dad's in Iowa or Pennsylvania or Montana or anyplace else in America or across the planet want, as this new story over at The Burning Platform warns, this NWO Globalist Cabal are also now assassinating Conservative & Christian political candidates worldwide. And they expect there is NOTHING that you or I can or will do to stop this madness because they've already gotten away with murder, with no pushback or being held accountable by 'The People'.
Such as the Associated Press, Reuters, USA Today and Politifact quickly jumping on the assassination of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe back in 2022 over reports that Abe was assassinated for his anti-NWO order stance on the 'non-safety' of the so-called 'vaccines', with those outlets and many more claiming all in unison that those reports weren't true, we've long warned on ANP that whenever the globalists propaganda outlets all jump on a particular story at the very same time, it's likely that the story has a huge dose of truth to it, and these terrorist supporting news outlets were just trying to 'tamp down' the truth.
So as Sean Miller reports in this new story, it's not just Christian and Conservative political candidates who are 'in the line of fire' but its 'Assassination Season' against ALL 'anti-globalists' who have the courage to speak out against their madness that has now begun, with Jack Posobiec warning specifically that journalists warning against the globalists killing spree will be targeted as heard in the 1st video below.
Warning that the recent assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico proves that the NWO globalist cabal is out for blood as never before, Posobiec warns the world that “I wouldn’t be surprised if what we saw happen in Slovakia is just a precursor and foreshadowing for what happens here in the United States on U.S. soil going into this fall.”
Hinting that we'll likely soon be witnessing an assassination attempt being made upon President Trump, especially as we close in upon election day and the very real terrorists in Washington DC realize there is no way in the world that a braindead child molesting MONSTER like Joe Biden will be able to defeat Trump in a fair election, so they'll simply 'remove' President Trump from the equation, as this story over at the Burning Platform warns, we've seen all of this before as a 'tried and true political strategy' of 'the left'.
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‘Biden crime cabal’ hunting, torturing & murdering Christians & conservatives expect America won’t fight back – already ‘removed’ America’s ‘front line of defense’ from ‘battlefield’ – NaturalNews.com