By John Hill on December 25, 2012

Bob Clark, director of classic “A Christmas Story”, and his son were killed by a drunk illegal alien on 4/4/2007.

For many Americans, Christmas means something else besides faith, family, food (and presents). It means movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol (pick one), Miracle on 34th Street.

Yesterday I myself watched a modern classic: A Christmas Story, the irreverent adaptation of Jean Shepherd’s memoir of Christmas memories from childhood. Many of our readers also caught this extraordinary film (at least) once yesterday, as the cable network TBS shows it non-stop for 24 hours every year at Christmas.

But I watched with a heavy heart, as I remember that Bob Clark, the prolific director of this film, and his 22-year old son Ariel, were killed on April 4, 2007 – by 24-year old drunk driver Hector Velazquez-Nava, an illegal alien from Mexico. As news reports detailed it at the time:

The crash occurred on Pacific Coast Highway PCH between Sunset Boulevard and Temescal Canyon Road in Pacific Palisades when the GMC Yukon Velazquez-Nava was driving drifted into oncoming traffic and struck the elder Clark’s 1997 Infiniti Q30 head-on. According to the District Attorney’s Office, at the time of the crash, Velazquez-Nava had a blood-alcohol content of .24 percent — three times the legal limit, and he did not have a license.

Velazquez-Nava was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading no contest to two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

And of course, as is so typical in these cases: he had been deported at least twice prior to killing the Clarks.

There is an epidemic of illegal alien crime across this nation. Whether it is the child rapes and assaults we hear about on a weekly basis (but the media does its best to ignore), murders of citizens, police and border agents, to the seemingly endless string of DUI deaths at the hands of illegals – almost all of whom had prior records yet remained in this nation.

In August 2010, Sister Denise Mosier – a Benedictine Nun (yes, just like The Sound of Music) was killed in Maryland by Carlos Montano a drunken illegal from Ecuador. Montano had been arrested two prior times on drunken-driving charges, and had previously been released by federal authorities.

Matthew Denice, 23 was killed by a drunk illegal alien – who had been arrested numerous times prior – just weeks after graduation.

A year later in Milford, Mass., Matthew Denice, 23, was killed when Nicolas Guaman, another illegal immigrant from Ecuador, was driving drunk and hit Denice’s motorcycle, dragging his body a 1/4 mile, trying to flee before being stopped by witnesses. Guaman had been arrested back in 2008 for several offenses, including assault and battery on a police officer, a fire fighter, and an EMT.

According to some estimates, about 13 Americans are slaughtered every day, on average, by drunken illegal aliens. But the Federal government does not currently keep official statistics of how Americans die each year at the hands of illegals. Which is why Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) introduced H.R. 3168, the Illegal Alien Crime Reporting Act of 2011, which mandates that Federal, state and local authorities keep such stats, or lose Federal law enforcement funds.

So please remember Bob Clark and his son Ariel - and the thousands of other victims of illegals, as the political and media elites try and lead America down the garden path of illegal alien amnesty next year. They will endlessly propagandize about “families” and “fairness” to try and ram blanket amnesty down our throats.

But we the activists will have to redouble our efforts to put the American VICTIMS of illegal invaders front and center – the jobs lost, the hundreds of billions spent, the lives destroyed – and repel this latest shameful attempt to shred the rule of law.

One Old Vet

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