10 People arrested, others escape as another boatload of illegal immigrants washes up in California

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Ten migrants who jumped off a boat that washed ashore in California yesterday and attempted to flee have been arrested, according to Customs and Border Protection's San Diego Air and Marine branch. However, several other illegals on the same boat are still believed to be at large.The boat washed ashore in Solana Beach, making landfall just before 7 a.m. It can be seen in video footage landing on the shore; several people can then be seen running away from the shore toward the bluffs. It is not known how many people escaped.
Authorities have seized both the boat and a vehicle nearby that is believed to have been involved in attempting to smuggle the individuals into the country.
A similar incident took place last month, when a resident of La Jolla filmed a speedboat filled with illegal immigrants landing in the neighborhood's beach. The migrants disembarked and fled into a nearby wealthy seaside village. Around eight men can be seen jumping out of the boat, storming the beach and then running into the village and scattering. The resident said he was recording waves with his GoPro camera when the boat took him by surprise, and he feared the migrants may have been armed.
La Jolla is 10 miles north of downtown San Diego and 23 miles north of the southern border.
San Diego has become a popular landing spot for migrants arriving by boat. A mass release last month flooded San Diego with around 1,500 migrants, who were left at a bus stop in the border neighborhood of San Ysidro after a nearby migrant processing center suddenly closed.
San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond (R-Oceanside) said: "We’ve got a legal system in place, where people can apply online throughout the world, they can go to an embassy, they can come in with dignity, without having to cross through a fence or go through a river.
“And right now, what we’re allowing to happen is, we’re allowing people who just walk across the border to jump ahead of the line. And I don’t blame them for doing it if we’re allowing it to happen. Why apply legally, if you can just jump ahead of the line?"
Between September and November of last year, border authorities dropped off more than 42,000 migrants on the streets of San Diego without any assistance or direction, according to a report by the San Diego Tribune. However, these numbers do not factor in those who arrived by boat and fled into the United States.
Retired Border Patrol officer feels like "entire career was for nothing"

A retired longtime Border Patrol officer, Mike Syzdek, recently told The Daily Signal that the many sacrifices he made during his career to keep the nation’s border secure were “all for nothing” because of President Joe Biden’s open borders policy.
He said: “I think of all the agents, myself included, who were injured on the job and agents who were killed … only to find out that everything was for nothing.”
He estimated that, in his entire career, he has caught 20,000 illegal aliens, but that is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 10 million who have been let in recently, making him feel like his “entire career was for nothing.”
Not only has it never been easier for illegals to enter the U.S., but they are also being rewarded for doing so. A pilot program in New York City that cost taxpayers $53 million involves giving illegals MasterCards loaded with $1400, while the state of Michigan is giving residents $500 a month to house illegals in their homes. In some parts of the country, these individuals are also taking advantage of squatters’ rights laws that enable them to occupy empty homes that don't belong to them and live there indefinitely without paying a cent.
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