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Thread: All those open-border SAG actors? Yeah, their union uses ‘extreme vetting’

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    All those open-border SAG actors? Yeah, their union uses ‘extreme vetting’

    By: Jen Kuznicki | January 30, 2017

    Ashton Kutcher, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and some other people I don’t recognize complained last night at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards that President Trump’s executive order calling for an immigration moratorium from certain countries, was “un-American.” They whined that everyone in airports belong, “in my America,” that, “actors and actresses ... embody the worth and humanity of all people,” and that, “we will shelter freaks and outcasts.”

    The outrage aimed at the president of the United States took place as the actors and actresses gave each other awards for being most able to fool their audience into the willing suspension of disbelief.

    Meanwhile, guess how hard it is to be admitted into the Screen Actors Guild?

    In 2012, the Screen Actors Guild merged with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to create SAG-AFTRA.

    According to the union’s website, in order to be considered for admission into SAG-AFTRA, you have to prove you are employed by SAG-AFTRA or an affiliated performers union. No proof, no admittance. But that’s not all. There’s a lot of wording about those who might cheat the system. “Extreme-vetting,” if you will:

    *“Your application and proof of employment will be fully investigated by the Union for validity. Your application for SAG-AFTRA membership will be denied if you have falsified your credentials, or if your qualifying employment is not bona fide.”

    *“While it is your responsibility to ascertain the validity of your qualifying employment, the Union will be the sole arbiter in determining whether the employer was legitimate or bogus, and whether the qualifying employment which you performed was actual production work or work created solely to enable you to gain Union membership. Please be aware that false representation or deception on your part will jeopardize your chances to join the Union.”

    *“Further, if after your application has been granted the Union discovers such misconduct on your part, you may find yourself subject to disciplinary proceedings, which could result in your being fined, suspended and/or expelled from the Union.”

    Applicants also have to pay to join the union, referred to as an “initiation fee,” of $3000 plus dues, plus a percentage of your income for the privilege of being a member.

    Everyone who acts cannot gain admission into the Screen Actors Guild, and once you join the union, you cannot work for a nonunion production. But say you’re an actor whose performances are strictly of the” walking-behind-the-main-scene” type. If an actor is only able to get background work on union jobs, she would have to gather three union vouchers, as opposed to just one if she has a speaking part in a union job.

    What’s really interesting about the SAG-AFTRA merger, is, wait for it, no open admissions!

    There is no “Let them in,” in SAG-AFTRA.

    Apparently, AFTRA, the mostly-television union, used to allow union membership by just paying the fee to join, but since merging with SAG four years ago, the open-door policy is now verboten.

    Of course, none of this hypocrisy will reach the mentally numb on the Left Coast to whom the facts don’t matter and whose moral decay has left Americans disgusted. Americans have renounced Hollywood and most of its works as they are filled with anxiety over what their children will have to endure from the corrupted who direct our culture.

    So complain all you want, Hollywood. Go ahead and criticize the steps to keep America safe and make a mockery of the dangers real Americans face. Your imaginary world sets limits and rules on how to get in. America’s real enemies force us to do the same.
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    Oh excellent article exposing the Hollywood Hypocrites!!!

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