Today is the federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., a man whose surviving relatives continue to debate his legacy. So it’s only natural that the public would be curious about what MLK Jr. would think about one of the defining issues of our time, i.e. immigration. Thankfully, there is a great essay written by an immigration reform activist who tries to flesh out what is admittedly a murky subject. It should be noted that the late Coretta Scott King also opposed the cheap labor, open borders policies advocated by today’s ‘civil rights’ leadership.

While it’s safe to assume that Martin Luther King Jr. would have remained a liberal Democrat, unlike the recently departed Roy Innis-who evolved into a conservative libertarian-the notion that he would have embraced the open borders dogma of today’s black activists and elected officials is speculative, at best. Like many of the deceptions perpetrated by the open borders lobby, relying upon the reputation of someone who can no longer speak for himself is an an easy out. Instead of having to persuade the public that unfettered immigration is an unqualified good, simply distort the legacy of a popular liberal icon.

Don’t fall for it.