An Amnesty Americans Cannot Afford

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An honest evaluation of citizen candidates is very costly!

Americans simply cannot afford Amnesty, regardless of how many lies we are told by the gang of eight tyrants. In early April 2013, David North took a detailed look at the cost of processing full amnesty as prescribed by the gang of eight tyrants. His piece is eye-opening. Titled “What Would It Cost to Really Check an Amnesty Application?” the article asks what the cost would be if the gang of eight tyrants get their way and all illegals received their amnesty.
North takes an honest look at the cost of a fair procedure designed to select only worthwhile candidates. He envisions an application process involving an interview for each aspirant. In the detailed process, North outlines that various applicants would have their amnesty applications denied for a number of reasons. He sees the probability of a second chance and even a third chance.
However, under any workable plan, when the aspirant is out of chances, he or she cannot be released into society as in the days of yesterday—I mean yesterday! That is what got us into this trouble. Consequently, the denied applicant must be deported immediately. Will the Obama administration be able to deport anybody ever again or will he grant the process rejects citizenship by Executive Order?
From North’s timetables, it seems that he anticipates that any “fair” process should take a year or more and be very resource intensive and thus very costly. Meanwhile the gang of eight tyrants wants legalization immediately. This is very problematic if we want the best citizens.
The fact is in any good evaluation process, when the application is denied, none of this will work if the candidate is not deported immediately. Feel free to check North’s fine workhere.
North’s plan takes care to assure all aspects that must be examined for an applicant are examined. His perspective is that amnesty is not to be looked upon lightly. There needs to be a criminal background check, a full medical examination, a look at taxes owed, welfare cash payments and/or other “free” government services used during the applicant’s residence.
North suggests also that any applicant for the amnesty program be a resident in the US for at least four or five years. This would shut off at the pass any interlopers who think they can skip the fence tomorrow to take advantage of any of Obama’s future amnesties.
His plan is fair for sure but, as noted, it does not offer a simple way to deny the applicant’s request and take action immediately to remove the applicant if he passes none of the tests and is denied amnesty. Consequently, if 30% or as much as 70% of the applicants for amnesty are denied and under the plan they are therefore deportable, most conservatives do not trust that Obama would not simply sign an EO and release the failed candidates back into American society.
When we cannot trust the President to enforce the laws of Congress already on the books, it stands to reason that many Americans are skeptical about new laws being enforced.
In the North plan, those newly declared unworthy of American legalization and/or citizenship would be cursed to go back to their former lot as a new underground illegal. With a president who does not honor existing laws, what American do not trust that the President would do what would be best for Americans. Then what?
Would this new breed of misfits not become the base for a larger number of illegals that can never possibly be legalized if there is no will at the top to deport them? In other words, would we still have a ton of illegal foreign nationals living as they did before the legislative action? If deportation were not reactivated as a means of assuring that only the finest become legalized, what happens to those not legalized?
Would Americans be paying the bills for the 1/3 that became legal while we still suffer from an illegal underground those Democrats would demand receive amnesty regardless of their criminal records? Are the Democrats and Obama playing games and big tricks with Americans when they have no plans to ever send any of the illegal foreign interlopers home for any reason? Do they really plan to fund the border fence or add more guards. If everybody gets in for free, why bother?

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