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Thread: The Amnestyville Horror

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    The Amnestyville Horror

    The Amnestyville Horror
    August 8, 2013

    By Daniel Greenfield t

    Wake up an amnesty supporter in the middle of a muggy Washington D.C. night and the first words out of his mouth will be, “It’s not amnesty.”

    And he’s right. It’s not. The 1986 amnesty or the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which neither reformed nor controlled immigration, took in some 3 million illegal aliens. The new amnesty or Comprehensive Immigration Reform covers 12 million illegal aliens.

    If 1986’s euphemistic amnesty was a mere amnesty, this is a super-amnesty four times as big as the last one. If the 1986 amnesty were a state, by population size it would only be Utah. If the 2013 Son of Amnesty were ranked as a state it would be Illinois; the 5th largest state in America.

    That’s why supporters of this more comprehensive amnesty avoid the A-word the way that Dracula avoids the beach.

    To keep the A-word from destroying their amnesty campaign before it even began, they coined “de facto Amnesty” to describe the current state of affairs in which millions of illegal aliens aren’t deported, but aren’t granted citizenship either.

    Common sense would suggest that if not deporting 12 million illegal aliens is de facto amnesty, then legalizing 12 million illegal aliens would be de jure amnesty.

    Common sense, like accountability, is not to be found in the neighborhood of Amnestyville, whose political representatives insist that the millions of unskilled workers who are currently mowing lawns, cleaning floors, driving drunk and illegally voting Democrat, will duck into a phone booth, change into their American cape and tights and begin building businesses and contributing to the economy. And if that tall tale wasn’t tall enough to play for the NBA, they top themselves by promising that they will not only build the next Google, but vote Republican too. That is more than anyone at the real Google does.

    In Amnestyville, it’s hard to know which howlers are the worst. Is it Charlie Rangel solicitously suggesting that he supports amnesty because he cares about the Republican Party’s future or Grover Norquist comparing illegal aliens to newborn babies who “don’t speak English, don’t want to work for a living, have to be taken care of… but people don’t argue that’s a reason not to procreate.”

    The Amnestyville bus tour launched with the promise of border security coming before legalization. It wrapped up with legalization coming first and security coming around the same time that the ruins of Detroit rise to become the next Silicon Valley.

    If there were any more ambiguity about where the Senate Republicans who voted for de jure amnesty really stood, Senator McCain cleared it up when he told an AFL-CIO immigration forum that while legalization was vital, the added 20,000 border patrol agents weren’t needed.

    “I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are securing the border,” McCain said. And what could make the Friends of McCain more comfortable than the knowledge that the extra agents once voted for could be “adjusted” as part of a House-Senate compromise?

    Amnesty 2013 is looking like a reunion tour for amnesty 1986 and its security component is already going the way of the “control” part of the 1986 law as a reminder that amnesty by any other name is still the same deal. It’s not a measure of control, but a lack of control.

    Legislators who support amnesty do not support securing the border. If they did, they wouldn’t support amnesty. No one supports both legalizing drugs and fighting the drug war. No one believes that we should appease terrorists and fight terrorism. No one believes that we should fight illegal immigration by surrendering to it and creating the mother of all illegal immigration magnets.

    No one supports law and lawlessness, security and insecurity at the same time. The security component is just there to camouflage the underlying insecurity. The law is there to disguise the core lawlessness.

    Amnesty was initially sold as a compromise between security-loving Republicans and illegal-loving Democrats. In this odd couple sitcom, the elephant would finally get border security and the donkey would get 12 million voters. But like so many sitcom plots, this one never made any sense.

    Would the Democrats really exchange one huge amnesty for an end to the inflow of undocumented Democrats forever? Twelve million voters in ten years does sound like a good deal. But 12 million voters in ten years and then open borders sounds like an even better deal.
    Super-amnesty’s pathway to citizenship for a population equivalent to the 5thlargest state in America puts the Democrats on the pathway to becoming a permanent majority. And once they’re a permanent majority, any obstructions to the expansion of that majority will be dismantled faster than you can say “Press 1 for English.”

    Two decades after the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act has been implemented, the Republican Party becomes a minority party. The elephant barely clocks in at 90 lbs and spends most of his time on the bench protesting against injustices and abuses that he has no more hope of changing nationally than he does now in the shipwrecks of California or Chicago.

    That outcome might be exactly what the elephants of amnesty are pining for. What better way to lock in their liberal positions than by destroying all hope of real change?
    Let loose the winds of amnesty and the Republican Party ceases to be a vital political force and becomes an obligatory protest vote, a permanent sinecure for a minority of politicians to maintain things the way they were without fear of any Tea Party barbarians pounding on their office doors.

    Amnesty makes the center-left consensus into the final word in American politics. There can be nothing else after it.

    In Amnestyville, the remaining sons of the elephant will trot out their charts and graphs explaining why the country is headed toward financial collapse and they will be tolerated for a minute or two, before being told to shut up and write apology letters for their racist, sexist and heteronormative persecution of the oppressed majority.

    It may sound awful to you or me, but to some of the amnesty-loving elephants, the thought of a President Allen West or a Senator Michele Bachmann sounds much worse.

    Amnesty is the final blow of liberal Republicans who would rather be red than red state.

    It’s the final takeover of America by the community organizers of the left who can now see their dream of taking Texas within reach, making the return of a Republican president as impossible as a balanced budget.

    Amnestyville is the final pivotal battle between red and red state. Republicans who vote for it will cover their amnesty shame by pivoting to other conservative causes, but none of those will matter if the left succeeds in changing the composition of the American electorate as fundamentally as it did in the UK.

    The A-bomb is a weapon of mass electoral destruction. If it goes off, then the left will have won not just the battle… but the war.

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    We have a band of liars and thieves amongst us working to destroy our country with their little lies....
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    I wonder how many unemployed Americans it would take to get these people's attention.
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