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    Quote Originally Posted by robi
    Great system they have for americans..we have our drivers license in hand and willing to pay some on it and get the third degree..while the others just walk on back and get taken care of...
    We have a system in Detroit where out-of-work Arabs qualify for welfare but out-of-work White people do not.

    These liberals are racists!

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    "The federal government wants to provide fewer incentives to illegal immigration, it would appear, by taking away this entitlement," Lott said.
    Entitlement? Who said we are entitled to anything but our own hard work? What makes people think that children of illegal aliens are entitled to something they did not, nor ever will chip in for?

    As for the 12-14 dollar an hour job!!!My husband, a Vietnam Veteran, a former cryptographer for the Air Force, makes $11.35 and hour, and we live on that alone. BOO HOOO NAVARRO!!!!!

    This kind of sense of entitlement makes me want to scream, as well talking about how illegal aliens might only make 12-14 dollars and hour, plus the mom has an income of about 8-9 hourly. Lord, this is not enough for them? What they come here illegally and have to make more than the average American citizen, and still it's not enough?

    Yes, many foul words are working their way through my brain right now.
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    Maybe the name was misinterputed, it`s not MEDICAL, it`s "Medi-Cal"
    for Cali-fornia. A new law was just past were Immigrants born in Ca, "with Illegal immigrant Mothers" are no long "automatically" eligable for "Medi-Cal" (state medical insurance) without showing "legal" proof (birth certificate) the achor baby was born in the USA. It has finally been recognized that too many illegal immigrant mothers have brought childeren from other countries and claimed that they were born here and automatically received med-ical assistance.

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    I don't understand why illegals don't just buy health insurance like anybody else? to me insurance is like toilet paper. if they want medical care in america they could even buy the plan in Mexico then arrange for transportation for medical care.

    Don't they have doctors in Mexico?

    While I am opposed to illegal ailens, paying for and using medical services in another country seems appropriate. Why dont they buy health insurance? Are they trying to take advantage of americans? I don't get it.
    I keep hearing these are honest hard working people.

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    I can hear the computers, printers and laminating machines cranking up 3000 miles away.

    Speaking of Medi-Cal, a couple of years ago a guy admitted to the local hospital here in NC was highly POed when they wouldn't take his Medi-cal card.

    He started whining when he couldn't afford the meds when being discharged. The hospital made arrangements with a pharmacy for $100 credit for him. He then started bitching because he'd have to come up with the balance.

    Mind you this guy was able to get from CA to NC on his own.
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