Arizona extends ban on giving Driver’s License to Illegals

AIM Newswire — September 19, 2013
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WASHINGTON — The state of Arizona has expanded a ban on giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, which sparked a renewed debate about border security and identification for illegals.
Reuters reported that GOP governor Jan Brewer continued the program to deny licenses to illegal immigrants who have a federal deportation reprieve, a break that U.S. President Barack Obama had put into place.

Brewer said, at that time, that a hiatus from deportation did not guarantee illegal immigrants rights that are for American citizens, such as driver’s licenses.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for the state of Arizona brought the lawsuit against the governor and said it is a “vindictive” action by the state. They said this rule also hurt survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking victims.
This underlines the problem that Arizona and other border states are facing: What to do with a large amount of illegal immigrants in their states? And, with a lack of a comprehensive border security approach by the Obama administration, state governors and governments are trying to make do with what they have at their disposal.