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    Arizona Senate pushes for ballot measure allowing local law enforcement to arrest ill

    Arizona Senate pushes for ballot measure allowing local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants

    05/29/2024 // Laura Harris // 180 Views

    Tags: Arizona, big government, border crossers, Border Patrol, border security, business, Collapse, Dangerous, Illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, illegals, insanity, invasion usa, Joe Biden, Katie Hobbs, migrants, national security, Open Borders, progress

    The Arizona Senate has approved a proposed ballot measure that would grant local law enforcement officers the authority to arrest illegal immigrants.House Concurrent Resolution 2060 (HCR 2060), known as the Secure the Border Act, would make it a state crime to enter Arizona's southern border from anywhere outside an official port of entry. The resolution, which passed on a party-line vote on May 22 with 16 Republicans in favor and 13 Democrats against, would grant local law enforcement officers the authority to arrest individuals who cross the border illegally.

    Under HCR 2060, state judges would be allowed to order illegal immigrants to return to their home country after serving a term of incarceration or imprisonment. The court may also dismiss a pending charge if the individual agrees to voluntarily return to their home country. (Related: ICE Boston arrests three illegal immigrants suspected as child predators.)

    The bill also seeks to enhance verification processes and penalties related to immigration and public benefits. State agencies would be authorized to use a federal database to verify the validity of documents provided by individuals applying for public benefits.

    Moreover, the measure seeks to increase punishments for those convicted of selling fentanyl, addressing the rising concerns over drug trafficking in the state. HCR 2060 cites "weaknesses in immigration enforcement" as a contributor to the "public safety crisis" in Arizona.

    These are all in response to the lax Democratic response to the ongoing immigration crisis.
    "Democrat legislators, [Arizona Gov.] Katie Hobbs and [President] Joe Biden are failing Arizona. We share your concern," the Arizona Senate Republican Caucus posted on X, formerly Twitter. "You will have the opportunity to take border security matters into your own hands this November with the Secure the Border Act. HCR 2060 passed the Senate and now heads to the House for final approval before hitting the ballot."

    Hobbs and other advocacy groups oppose passage of HCR 2060

    As expected, Hobbs and different advocacy groups have strongly opposed the recent passage of HCR 2060.
    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona has labeled it an "anti-immigrant" proposal.

    "This bill ignores key parts of federal law, stripping away basic safeguards that ensure people fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries have access to asylum," Noah Schramm, border policy strategist for the Arizona ACLU, said in a press release. "It opens the door to unlawful policing and invites racial profiling, threatening communities across the state."

    Having vetoed a similar bill in March, Hobbs criticized the Senate's actions as a politically motivated maneuver rather than a genuine attempt at solving the state's border issues.

    "The Senate’s vote to pass HCR2060 is a stunt to score cheap political points," Hobbs stated on X. "This ballot referral will kill jobs, demonize our communities, and make it harder for law enforcement to keep us safe. I urge the House to do the right thing and oppose this measure."

    But Hobbs has been putting the blame on both the Democratic and Republican administrations for the ongoing crisis.

    "When my fellow Arizonans gave me the honor of this office, I pledged to not play the same old political games that created this crisis, and that have continually hurt communities, families, and our state," she stated. "No one understands the misguided efforts of the past more than our neighbors, sheriffs, small business owners, and local law enforcement near the border who work every day to offer solutions where the federal government has failed."

    Follow for more stories about illegal immigrants entering the United States.

    Watch the video below to learn how the CBP One app is being used by human traffickers.

    This video is from the HALOROCK channel on
    More related stories:

    Venezuelan illegal immigrant paroled by Biden ARRESTED by ICE in Chicago for allegedly FUNDING TERRORISM.
    MOBS of Chinese illegal immigrants SWARM California border.
    Sector of northern border sees record-breaking wave of illegal immigrants apprehended.
    Feds SUE developers of massive "Colony Ridge" illegal immigrant community in Texas.
    95.8% of ILLEGAL ALIENS using CBP One app released into the U.S.
    Sources include:

    Arizona Senate pushes for ballot measure allowing local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants –

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    We have our own violence and persecution in the USA.


    We are not the dumping ground for the entire world.


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