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Thread: Arkansas Primary Battle and Illegal Aliens in the courts

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    Arkansas Primary Battle and Illegal Aliens in the courts

    The effort to get away from 3rd World Fossil Fuel will have an important moment tomorrow May 22nd. During the Arkansas Primary, there will be attempts made to gather signatures for a tax increase on natural gas at polling locations. Stopthegastax will everything they can to campaign against this tax increasing petition, but we will need help. You can call 501-944-6018 if you see a petitioner gathering signatures, call us with the location. We also have information that you can hand out while you campaign for a candidate.

    Cesear Vargas, who was part of the sales pitch for the Illegal Alien Dream Act that was sponsored by U of A Chancellor David Gearthart, is now part of a lawsuit against The United States Senate. The lawsuit includes 3 Dream Act-eligible students, 4 Democratic members of the U.S. House, and a leftist group called Common Cause and is being filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The lawsuit is aimed at removing the filibuster option within the U.S. Senate, which would allow the passage of yet another amnesty, The Dream Act.

    This illegal alien also interned for a New York Supreme Court Justice and the District Attorney's office in King's County, New York. In the midst of Islamic Terrorism and corruption from Drug Cartels, an illegal alien was allowed access to court records and information. I doubt the press will bother to ask how many illegal aliens our in our court system. I would like to have asked Caesar when he plans on using his law experience to force reform in Mexico when he was in Arkansas, but of course Gearthart didn't allow a real discussion with his publicity stunt. The corrupt and human rights abuses by the Mexican Government ruin the dreams of millions of hispanics, but Vargas and his handlers appear not to care. Here is the address for this 3rd world useful idiot, feel free to contact ICE.

    Caesar vargas
    1178 arthur kill road
    staten island, new york 10312
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