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    AUDIO: SPLC Rep says "Minutemen are NOT a Hate Group.

    That is correct, Heidi Beirich of the Intelligence Project and the SPLC says "The Minutemen are NOT a Hate Group".

    There you go! That means that ALIPAC and other anti-ILLEGAL-alien groups should not be called Hate Groups by the SPLC, La Raza or anyone else.

    Listen to the AUDIO (Scroll to the 7:23 mark)

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    Very interesting. Thanks for the link. I wish the interviewer had also asked Heidi if she considered LA Raza or Mecha to be hate groups. Based on the criteria she outlined in that interview, it would be hypocritical of her to not label La Raza and/or Mecha as hate groups.

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    I am glad they clarified the point minutemen were not a hate group....BUT ....I want to know who died and left them the care takers and judges of what defines "HATE"
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    The Minutemen are about LAW and ORDER, NOT hate!

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