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Thread: Author: Red + Green = a recipe for nat'l calamity

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    Author: Red + Green = a recipe for nat'l calamity

    Author: Red + Green = a recipe for nat'l calamity

    Tuesday, July 2, 2019
    | J.M. Phelps (

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    Author James Simpson contends that a global force duo shares the common objective to destroy Western civilization. Christians, he says, must engage in the battle for America to survive.
    As author of The Red-Green Axis 2.0: An Existential Threat to America and the World, Simpson puts a finger on the collaborative efforts of the Marxist Left (the "Red") and the global Islamic Movement (the "Green"). The author tells OneNewsNow:
    "America's constitutional republic stands alone as the last bulwark against tyrannical forces of both Red and Green whose collective goal is to alter and undermine our national character, traditions, and laws so much that it can overthrow our form of government without firing a shot."
    He goes on to explain how significantly larger groups of people are mobilized when "the alliance allows each to take advantage of the tactics, strategies, and cultural features of the other."
    In one example, he says, "the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) now supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) and participates in its protests." In a second example, he adds, "the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) also work with BLM, CAIR, and open borders groups."
    The author considers immigration one of the "most effective" tools of the Red-Green Axis. In addition, he believes anyone who shows opposition to their efforts increases the likelihood of physical attack or, at the very least, being called a racist, bigot, xenophobe, or Islamophobe.
    "Working together, [the likes of CAIR, BLM, the ACLU, and the SPLC] have relentlessly challenged every effort to restrain immigration and open borders," says Simpson. "[These groups] could not have succeeded, however, without sympathetic jurists willing to issue injunctions that go way beyond their authority."
    Despite opposition, Simpson says the Trump administration has had a number of great accomplishments. He cites the example of refugee resettlement, where the imposition of "extreme vetting" has slowed the flow of refugees into the country to "a trickle." Consequently, such procedures have been ignored by previous administrations.
    The relentless effort by leftist groups to advocate for open borders remains a challenge for many Americans who believe in sovereignty. "The average American has neither the resources, time or knowledge base to effectively stand as individuals against these groups," Simpson argues.
    "These groups are supported by a corrupt infrastructure of jurists, prosecutors, politicians and media; [and] the only way to effectively challenge what they are doing is to replace politicians and jurists with ones that will respect and enforce the law."
    The road to a leftist majority
    The author contends that taking a stand against the collaborative efforts of these leftist groups requires "informing and mobilizing others to get out and vote." If the U.S. cannot gain control of out-of-control illegal immigration, he says "demographics is destiny." And he notes this is the strategy of the Left, which has been "articulated in a secret memo to wealthy leftist funders of the Democracy Alliance."
    Amnesty allows illegal aliens opportunities to vote legally, in addition to those who are currently voting illegally, Simpson shares. "[Illegal aliens] can be used to mobilize historically low turnout Hispanic neighborhoods," he adds. Thus, Simpson considers the citizenship question "critical" for the 2020 Census.
    "Illegal aliens can skew the size and composition of congressional districts, opening up new seats for the left," he continues. "[In addition], refugees have a direct line to permanent legal residence and citizenship. They can and have significantly influenced the character and political leaning of people elected to office."
    Should the left win the end game in the fight for open borders, Simpson believes "it would mean the end of our nation as we know it, and the metamorphosis into a Communist one." According to author, "the left has always sought a permanent majority in Congress and the White House" and "open borders virtually guarantees it."
    Then there's the assimilation issue
    Massive problems and cultural changes have been created by an open doors mentality. For example, over 400 languages are currently spoken in America's public schools – a fact Simpson says "has radically increased the cost of public education, while causing plummeting school ratings."
    Specifically, he explains, "teachers do not exist to translate some of the more exotic languages spoken, so students find it difficult to learn English; and in many school systems, non-English-speaking students represent 20 to 30 percent of the total student body."
    Contrary to U.S. law, the adoption of Sharia law is becoming increasingly prevalent in communities across America with a high concentration of Muslims. "Muslim insistence on building mosques in residential neighborhoods against the wishes of residents has polarized communities," Simpson adds.
    Unbeknownst to many, the author explains "left-wing efforts to introduce Islamic concepts in grade schools directly contradict their demands to remove religion from schools and the public square – while actually [facilitating] their true goal: an all-out war against Christianity."
    Simpson tells OneNewsNow that "the behavior of Christians in the face of this existential threat has been nothing short of calamitous."
    He finds it appalling that an estimated 40 million Christians or more do not vote or have not registered to vote.
    "Christians should understand, better than all other Americans, how critical it is to defend, protect and maintain our constitutional republic, which guarantees religious freedom unavailable anywhere else in the world." He strongly emphasizes "our nation was created for that purpose!"
    Simpson believes "if Christians engaged in the political process and helped elect strong, principled Christians and conservatives, [the tide could be turned] on much of what the left has done to wreck our nation."
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    No one should be placed in our schools until they learn English, read, write, and speak it...on their OWN dime. We should not pay for this. Then and only then should they be placed in the appropriate Grade level.

    Illegal aliens should NOT be enrolled in our schools, they are here illegally, and they have NO Student Visa to attend. They have no right to reside in our country. That is not fair to those who follow our Laws and apply to come here legally.

    Stop dumbing down our students and stop forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for these foreigners!
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