Bidenís approval rating continues to plummet due to his inability to solve inflation and immigration crises

04/26/2024 // Laura Harris // 670 Views

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A recent poll has found that American adults do not trust President Joe Biden's handling of the inflation and immigration crises.The Economist/YouGov survey, conducted from April 21 to April 23, asked 1,561 American adults what issues affecting the United States are most important to them seven months away from the presidential election. Among all national issues, 24 percent of the respondents cited inflation as their primary concern, followed behind by immigration at 14 percent.
Notably, 97 percent of respondents considered inflation an "important" issue, while 77 percent said it was "very important." Similarly, 85 percent regarded immigration as "important," while 56 percent labeled it "very important."
Only 29 percent of the respondents approved of Biden and his approach to inflation. Meanwhile, 62 percent disapprove of his performance, including 49 percent who "strongly" disapprove. The disapproval margin widened further among independents, with only 17 percent approving of his inflation management compared to 72 percent disapproval.
On the issue of immigration, Biden has 29 percent approval rating and 67 percent disapproval rating. Once again, independents echoed this sentiment, with only 17 percent approving of his performance and 69 percent disapproving. (Related: NOTHING NEW HERE: Poll shows 52% of Americans DISAPPROVE of Biden.)
In total, the overall approval rating of Biden only rests at a meager 36 percent, while the negative views on his presidency hold 59 percent.
Recent polls show inflation and immigration as top concerns of American voters

The result of the Economist/YouGov survey reflects the results of other polls in recent months.
In a recent The Center Square Voters' Voice and Noble Predictive Insights poll, conducted among 2,1510 voters on March 11 to 15, inflation, illegal immigration and the economy took center stage. Likely voters have identified inflation and price increases (45 percent), illegal immigration (44 percent) and the economy and jobs (24 percent) as the key issues guiding their decisions at the ballot box.
Abortion rights (22 percent), crime and violence (22 percent), government corruption (20 percent), so-called climate change (19 percent), access to healthcare (18 percent), government spending and the national debt (16 percent) and national security (16 percent) are among the other key issues cited by voters in the poll.
In a recent Gallup poll conducted from Feb. 1 to 20, immigration has emerged as the paramount issue, with 28 percent of Americans identifying it as the most important problem in the country to date. This marks an eight percent increase compared to the 20 percent of respondents who voted for it in January. Meanwhile, the economy and inflation received 12 percent and 11 percent, respectively.
A Harvard UniversityCenter for American Political Studiesin collaboration with The Harvard Poll conducted a separate survey in January that shows similar results.
In the poll, immigration emerged as the primary concern for 35 percent of respondents, with inflation trailing closely behind at 32 percent. "Economy and jobs" ranked third, which got 25 percent of the votes. "Crime and drugs" and healthcare each received 16 percent of the votes, while the deficit and national security garnered 14 percent each. Corruption and the environment were of the least concern, with only 13 percent of respondents highlighting that these issues are their main concerns.
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Bidenís approval rating continues to plummet due to his inability to solve inflation and immigration crises Ė