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    Biden’s Latest ‘Wall’ Construction Infuriates Taxpayers – Joe Just Spent Half a Milli

    Biden’s Latest ‘Wall’ Construction Infuriates Taxpayers – Joe Just Spent Half a Million to Protect His Beach Home

    By Adam Casalino|January 11, 2023

    What’s Happening:

    Democrats refuse to admit it, but we all know it’s true. Donald Trump’s security fencing system along the Southern border actually works. The parts of the border protected by this “wall” have seen dramatic drops in attempts by aliens. But Biden stopped the project when he entered office, leaving the rest of the border totally vulnerable to illegal immigration.
    But that doesn’t mean Joe isn’t building! He recently got approval to spend tax dollars on another major project. This project will protect American property. Except, it won’t benefit most of us. Because Joe is building a wall… around his own house.

    From Fox News:
    President Biden’s taxpayer-funded wall for his Delaware vacation home is getting built while he continues to voice his staunch opposition to building a wall at the southern U.S. border.
    Photos obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail show that construction on the wall around Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home began last week. The wall is expected to cost taxpayers $490,324 because it is being funded through a government contract via the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
    What an outrage. Biden has long attacked Trump’s border wall–although it actually works. Yet he has no problem using your money to build a large, imposing wall around his summer beach home. Mind you, this isn’t the White House or some other government building.

    This is Biden’s personal home. Where he goes for vacations. Where he will continue to visit long after he’s left office. Biden is spending over $400,000 of Americans’ money to make sure he and his family are safe from invaders.
    But when millions of illegal aliens, including cartel members, cross into your communities, Biden is nowhere to be found. He even visited the border recently–when El Paso conveniently cleaned up all the migrants. Nothing came of that visit. Biden still sits back and ignores this exploding crisis.
    The original plan for Biden’s wall was going to be much cheaper. But, as you can expect, costs rose just as soon as the government awarded the contract. Now, the Biden summer home will have a wall, fencing, and gates. It will not only protect the property but shield unwanted eyes from seeing what Joe is up to in there.

    Must be nice, huh?
    What do you call someone who does something for himself, but not for others? Hypocrite? That sounds about right.
    Key Takeaways:

    • Joe Biden is spending over $400,000 in tax dollars to build a wall around his summer home.
    • This comes after Biden canceled the Southern border wall, and frequently criticized it.
    • Biden has presided over a massive border crisis that has seen over 5 million illegals enter the country.

    Source: Fox News

    Biden's Latest 'Wall' Construction Infuriates Taxpayers - Joe Just Spent Half a Million to Protect His Beach Home (

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