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Thread: Bill Clinton Dogged By Protester Reminding Voters Of Rape Accusation

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    Bill Clinton Dogged By Protester Reminding Voters Of Rape Accusation

    Bill Clinton Dogged By Protester Reminding Voters Of Rape Accusation

    "... they know they’ll lose the conversation."

    by Jack Davis October 5, 2016 at 5:28pm

    For yet another day, protesters reminded American voters that former President Bill Clinton stands accused of a rape that the alleged victim claims Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton helped cover up.

    Protestor interrupts Bill Clinton rally in Canton, OH

    “Bill Clinton has harmed women!” a woman shouted Tuesday during a rally in Canton, Ohio, at which the former president spoke.

    The woman got the attention of TV cameras by holding up a hand-lettered T-shirt reading “Bill Clinton a Rapist.”

    “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” she yelled as she walked through the crowd, holding the shirt aloft before being taken out by security at the Ohio event.

    Clinton appeared unconcerned with the protest.

    “I love it when people come into my rallies, and it’s a dead giveaway when they don’t want to have a conversation because they know they’ll lose the conversation,” he said.

    However, the allegation concerns somebody. At Ohio University, where Clinton spoke on Tuesday, someone used the college’s so-called free speech wall to paint a slogan reading, “Bill Clinton Rapes.”

    The comment was later painted over before Clinton’s arrival later in the day.

    On Wednesday, a young man being interviewed outside a Donald Trump rally near Las Vegas slipped in the phrase “Bill Clinton is a rapist” into his interview with KVVU-TV.

    The uptick in actions to remind voters of Clinton’s past kicked off last Friday, when Infowars host Alex Jones kicked off the “Nationwide Campaign to Expose Clinton Sex Crimes.”

    The rules of the contest, which are not being followed by those playing, require participants to wear a T-shirt adorned with Bill Clinton’s face and the word “rape.”

    “Anyone that gets on national TV with the shirt clearly, for more than five seconds, gets $1,000. That means behind cameras, you name it,” Jones said Friday. “Anyone that gets it on air on national TV and gets the words out ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist,’ or things along that line, with a bullhorn — I could go to this right now, $5,000.”

    On Saturday, a man wearing the shirt and chanting the slogan interrupted a Fox and Friends live broadcast in New York City.

    On Monday, a man in Loveland Colo., made sure the comment was slipped into his interview with MSNBC.

    The rape claim against Clinton stems from an accusation against him made in 1999 by Juanita Broaddrick, who claimed that she was raped by Bill Clinton in April 1978. Clinton was never prosecuted on the charge.

    Broaddrick has said that Hillary Clinton was aware of the incident and helped to cover it up.

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    Ex-Intern Drops Bomb, Reveals What Bill Keeps on Top Floor of Clinton Library

    It is fairly common knowledge that former President Bill Clinton really, really likes the ladies, at least ladies other than his wife, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    Now a new book from noted Clinton investigative author Edward Klein, appropriately entitled “Guilty as Sin,” revealed just some of what Bill likes to do with the pretty young ladies who work at his presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he maintains a top-floor apartment suite.

    According to the New York Post, one young intern who worked at the library told Klein that Clinton likes to invite young women to his penthouse to enjoy some wine or champagne while giving him a massage.

    “He often invites girls like me who work at the library to his apartment for a glass of red wine and a massage,” stated the former intern. “He likes his neck and shoulders massaged because he gets knots in his muscles. But what he really likes is to have his feet massaged. He just kicks off his loafers and socks and puts his feet on the coffee table. That really makes him happy.

    “Bill is always flirting with the women at the library. He knows everybody by their first name and is incredibly kind and generous,” she recalled. “When he talks to you, it’s like you are the only person in the world. I always called him ‘Mr. President,’ naturally, but one day he looked at me with this horny look and said, ‘Call me Bill.’ I sort of knew then that I was in.”

    “I know what people would say if they knew I gave him a foot massage. But, hey, if it makes him happy, I’m happy to do it,” she added. “The idea of touching the president of the United States that way is incredibly exciting to me.”

    An adviser of Clinton’s also spoke to Klein about the goings-on atop the presidential library, which sounded more like the set of a “Girls Gone Wild” video shoot or fraternity party than the official repository of memos and papers documenting an American presidency.

    After recalling a heated conversation regarding Hillary’s ongoing private email server scandal and resultant FBI investigation, Clinton was said to have switched the subject to discussing his desire for a pool to be installed on the library’s roof so his young guests could swim and splash around naked with him.

    “He had an architect give him a feasibility report on building a pool, and it turned out that it would have been very expensive to build and disruptive to the functioning of the library,” the adviser said. “Anyway, the National Archives, which administers presidential libraries, probably would have vetoed the idea. So he dropped the plan. But for a while he thought about getting an above-ground pool for the girls to splash around in.

    “Bill has a bunch of women he regularly invites to his apartment. Most of them are young and good-looking. He loves being surrounded by pretty girls,” he added. “The place is completely secure, so he knows there’s no chance any photographers can get in.”

    The adviser also revealed that along with the red wine, Bill also serves his guests champagne or cold beer, depending on their preference, and gives them fresh roses grown on the terrace of the apartment. He also, at least once, broke out a hose and sprayed down the girls a la a wet T-shirt contest, probably the closest he could get to the naked pool parties he so desired.

    It will be interesting to see if any other former interns or guests invited to the presidential library’s private penthouse suite will come forward and share their accounts of spending time with the former president, who apparently still enjoys charming ladies not named Hillary.


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